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Chengdu Forestry and Landscape Bureau

Main Functions

(1) To implement national, provincial and municipal policies, guidelines, laws and regulations concerning forestry and landscaping and draft relevant local laws, regulations and provisions; to formulate the medium- and long-term development plans and annual plans for forestry and landscaping and organize their implementation; to guide forestry and landscaping work of governments at district (city) and county level.

(2) To formulate targets of the city’s landscaping construction and conduct supervision and assessment; to organize the formulation of specific plans of landscaping system, work with Chengdu Urban and Rural Construction Commission to review the landscaping design plans of municipal engineering (including the newly-built green-land squares, parks, small gardens, urban sculptures and urban roads); to be responsible for the construction and management of ecological forest land, productive plantation area and protective green land; to conserve and protect the green (forestry) land within the scope of duties; to manage landscaping enterprises qualification; to draw the "green line" jointly with the Planning and Management Bureau and conduct supervision and administration.

(3) To be responsible for the ecological construction of forestry and landscape in the city and the prevention of soil and water erosion through afforestation, mountain greening, tree planting and other biological measures; to guide the cultivation of all kinds of welfare forests and commercial forest and construct and manage the landscaping bases; to monitor the quality of seedling, afforestation and forestry operation; to organize voluntary tree planting and afforestation work by the masses; to supervise cut-over land restoration; to undertake relevant work in the forestry sector for dealing with climate change; to undertake relevant work in promoting ecological progress; to work with relevant departments for the enforcement of relevant international conventions.

(4) To take charge of the protection, supervision and inspection of forest resources and urban landscape; to compile and supervise the implementation of quotas for forest harvesting and transport; to organize surveys, monitoring, assessment, statistics and analysis of forest resources and urban landscape.

(5) To take charge of wetland protection, prevention and treatment of municipal desertification; to guide the construction and management of wetland protection zones and wetland parks; to supervise the rational exploitation of wetland and desertified land.

(6) To be responsible for the administration of parks, forest parks, nature reserves, to formulate and implement the level-to-level administrative standards and supervise their implementation.

(7) To organize the survey, protection and exploitation of wildlife and plants on the land; to draft the wildlife and plants protection list; to undertake biodiversity protection in the urban planning area and tourist attractions; to be responsible for the supervision and administration of imports and exports of endangered species and wildlife, precious tree species, precious wild plants and their products; to undertake prevention, treatment and quarantine of the pests in forests, woods and green land.

(8) To promote municipal forest reforms and forestry development and protect the legitimate rights and interests of forest farmers and other operators; to direct and supervise the forest ownership transfers of forests, woods and rural forest land and manage the forest ownership rights; to direct the settlement of forest ownership disputes; to be responsible for the work of restoring farmland to forest land; to direct the construction and management of state-owned forest farms, forest parks and grassroots forest departments.

(9) To take charge of forest fire prevention and suppression; to manage forest police forces; to launch investigation into major cases of destroying forests, wildlife and plant resources; to organize forestry administrative law enforcement.

(10) To formulate development plans and policies concerning forestry, landscape and flower industry and supervise their implementation; to participate in the supervision and management of special construction funds for forestry and landscaping; to guide the classified management of state-owned forests.

(11) To organize the launch of key scientific and technological projects, the commercialization and promotion of scientific research achievements and to formulate technical regulations and standards concerning forestry and landscaping and supervise their implementation; organize professional and technical training in the sector of forestry and landscaping; to promote IT application management of the sector.

(12) To undertake the daily work of the Office of Municipal Greening Commission and the Office of Municipal Forest Fire Control Headquarters.

(13) To undertake administrative approval announced by the Municipal Government.

(14) To undertake other tasks assigned by the municipal Party committee and municipal government.

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