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Chengdu Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau


1.Coordinate with functional departments in strengthening guidance and management of the daily and social activities of ethnic and religious group; promote the construction of ethnic and religious group service system and undertake the responsibility to serve the ethnic and religious groups in the city.

2. Coordinate with functional departments in the publicity of laws and regulations in producing and selling Muslim food and in dealing with procedures prior to the approval and registration of production and sales of Muslim food; coordinate with relevant departments in assisting designated enterprises specialized in ethnic food.

3. Help ethnic and religious groups to strengthen self-service capacity building; enhance the ability of information management within religious groups.

4. Assist ethnic and religious groups in managing real estate property, finance and other services to improve self-sustainability; assist ethnic and religious groups in collecting, compiling and researching historical and cultural materials.

5. Assist functional departments in carrying out poverty alleviation and development in ethnic and religious groups and public philanthropic activities.

6. Be responsible for the management of public servants who are now working in ethnic and religious groups, and the management of retirees who are identified from public institutions and belong to ethnic and religious group.

7. Undertake other duties assigned by functional departments in the government.

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