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Chengdu Environment Protection Bureau

Functions: Chengdu Environmental Protection Bureau, affiliated to the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government, is in charge of the environmental protection work of the city. It consists of 14 sub-sections.

1. Implement guidelines, policies, laws, rules and regulations on environment protection promulgated by the State, the province and the municipality; draft relevant local laws and regulations; organize the compiling of environmental functional zone of the city; formulate plans for pollution prevention and control in key areas and key river valleys and environment protection plans for drinking water sources; participate in and oversee the implementation of compiling major functional zone of the city and drafting environment protection policies in the field of economy, technology, industry, and resources allocation.

2. Co-ordinate, supervise and manage the major environmental problems in the city; take the lead in investigating the major environmental pollution and ecological damage incidents; guide and organize the response and prevention work of major environment emergencies happened in counties, districts and the city; take the lead in settling disputes of trans-regional, basin environment pollution; co-ordinate pollution prevention work in key areas and basin environment throughout the city.

3. Take charge of the pollutant emission reduction in city; formulate and supervise the implementation of the control plan for aggregate emission of major pollutants; suggest pollutants to be controlled and set targets of emission control; oversee the work of pollutant emission reduction carried out by relevant departments of county ,district and city; implement accountability system of environmental targets, examine the results of aggregate emission reduction of pollutants and release them to the public. 

4. Management of environmental protection investment; give advice to the investment scale and direction of fixed assets and arrangement of fiscal funds of the municipal government in the field of environmental protection; according to the provision of the authority to examine and approve projects of investment on fixed assets designated in the municipal planning and the annual plan, and cooperate with relevant departments to supervise the implementation of projects; conduct the levy, delay, exemption and auditing of pollutant discharge fees according to relevant laws and regulations; participate in guiding and promoting the development of circular economy and the environmental protection industry, and coping with climate change.

5. Responsible for the prevention and control of environmental pollution and destruction from its source; conduct environmental impact assessment on major economic and technological policies, development planning and major economic development plans; examine documents concerning environmental impacts of major development and construction zones, comprehensive planning and special planning in the city; examine and approve environmental impact documents of construction projects, supervise environmental engineering and inspect the enforcement of laws and regulations on environmental protection after project’s completion.

6. Supervise and manage the prevention and control of environment pollution in city;  formulate regulations of pollution prevention and control system concerning water, atmosphere, soil, noise, light, stinky odor, solid waste, chemicals, automobiles, etc, and participate in its implementation; conduct environmental protection work in the sources of potable water with relevant departments; guide and organize comprehensive environment pollution treatment; carry out administrative inspection of environmental monitoring and protection; implement treatment of pollution source within a designated period of time; examine the enforcement of mandatory clean production with relevant departments. 

7. Guide, co-ordinate and supervise the work of ecological protection; formulate and implement ecological preservation plans; assess the quality of ecological environment; oversee the development and exploration of natural resources that has a bearing on ecology, and key ecological preservation and rehabilitation work; guide and supervise the environmental protection of natural reserves, scenic spots and forest parks; propose to the municipal government concerning constructing new natural reserves for its examination and approval; guide and monitor the protection of wildlife, wetland and prevention of desertification; guide and coordinate ecological preservation in rural areas, the establishment of ecological demonstration zones and eco-friendly agriculture;  supervise environmental safety of biotechnology, conduct work on biological species (genetic resources included) and organize protection of bio-diversity; carry out work on ecological building.

8. Supervise and manage work related to nuclear and radiation safety; implement national policies, planning and technical standards concerning nuclear and radiation safety; take part in emergency responses to nuclear and radiation environment accidents; supervise nuclear facility, nuclear technology application, radioactive source and electromagnetic radiation, and pollution prevention and treatment in radioactive resources mining; be in charge of the management work of "three at the same time" with radiation construction program, and supervise and manage the control of nuclear material, the design, production, installation and nondestructive inspection of nuclear safety equipment for civilian use; take part in prevention work of chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological terrorism; monitor and detect nuclear and radiation in the city. 

9. Take charge of the environment monitoring, statistics and information release; supervise the implementation of various national standards of environment, put in place national and provincial environmental monitoring standards and regulations, formulate municipal environmental monitoring standards and regulations, and organize supervision on environment quality and pollution source; conduct assessment and forecast of environment quality, establish and manage the environment monitoring network and environment information network of the city, construct and implement the public announcement system for environment quality, and regularly release comprehensive reports on environment and major environmental information; take charge of environment statistics.

10. Launch science work concerning environmental protection of the city; manage scientific research achievements and the application; organize major scientific research and technical demonstration projects; promote the building up of the environmental technology management system.

11. Conduct international exchange and cooperation on environmental protection; take part in the coordination of major international events and regional cooperation on environmental protection, manage economic cooperation with foreign countries of environmental protection system, coordinate and perform the duties of relevant projects utilizing foreign capitals, handle foreign-related environmental protection affairs and take charge of the liaison with international organizations of environmental protection. 

12.  Guide, coordinate and undertake education and publicity for environmental protection to raise public environmental awareness.; set up and implement plans for the program and plan of the publicity and educational work of environment protection; conduct education program on eco-civilization construction and building an environmental-friendly society; increase the involvement of the public and social organizations into environmental protections; work with other departments to honor and award the units and individuals for their outstanding achievements in the field of environment protection and improvement in accordance with law. 

13. Supervise the implementation of policies, laws, regulations, rules and standards concerning environmental protection and inspect major decisions concerning environmental protection made by the municipal committee and municipal government.

14. Conduct relevant items of administrative approval as released by the municipal government.

15. Undertake other duties assigned by the municipal committee and municipal government.

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