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Chengdu Municipal Commission of Commerce

Main Functions

(1) To carry out national, provincial and municipal guidelines, policies, laws, and regulations on commerce and draft relevant local laws, regulations and provisions; to formulate and implement medium- and long-term development plans and annual plans of commerce.

(2) To take the lead in formulating and implementing strategies, plans and policy measures concerning deepening reform, innovation-driven and scientific development in the city’s service sector, to supervise the implementation of key projects and major events for the development of service sector; to facilitate the construction of service clusters and service functional zones, coordinate the settlement of major issues to secure the progress of service sector, collect data and analyze the over-all situation, trends and prospects of the development of service sector and  propose policy suggestions.

(3) To take charge of the opening-up work in the city’s service sector; to be responsible for the city’s foreign economic cooperation efforts, study and put forward proposals on bilateral and multilateral economic cooperation (including regional cooperation), and to research into and put forth economic and trade plans and policies with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HK SAR), the Macao Special Administrative Region (Macao SAR) and the Taiwan region; to guide the launching of commodity transaction and trade promotion events; to guide the construction of municipal outward industry parks and national cooperation industry parks.

(4) To coordinate and promote the development of community services and commercial services in the city, study and put forward relevant proposals, facilitate the construction of community services system and address the major issues in the development of commercial services.

(5) To lead the efforts to develop the city’s building economy and headquarters economy, study and put forward development proposals and coordinate the settlement of major issues in development. 

(6) To lead the coordination work for regulating and standardizing market economy order; to organize and coordinate the work pertaining to anti-dumping, countervailing, safeguard measures and other issues related to fair trade for import and export.

(7)To institute an emergency management mechanism for the market supply of life necessities; to monitor and analyze market activities and commodity supply and demand and issue early warnings and provide guiding information; to be responsible for important consumer goods reserve management and market regulation in line with its assignments. 

(8) To formulate and implement policies and measures to boost consumption; to promote the development of commerce and trade distribution industry, formulate plans for the system building of commodity market, urban commercial distribution and urban-rural market and facilitate the urban-rural integrated commerce and trade distribution and the construction of commodity market.

(9) To take charge of municipal foreign trade affairs; to direct and launch trade promotion events and build foreign trade promotion system, boost export brands building and export bases construction; to formulate policies to encourage the development of processing trade, and the import and export of electromechanical and high-tech products, and organize their implementation; to be responsible for the guidance, service and other work related to WTO.

(10) To take charge of trade in services, direct, promote and coordinate the construction of service trade system.

(11) To take charge of the city’s e-commerce industry, direct and facilitate the promotion of e-commerce application and service innovation. 

(12) To guide and monitor overseas project contracting, overseas labor service cooperation and overseas employment of Chinese citizens, to be responsible for the administration of outward investment and lead the efforts to protect the rights and interests of Chinese citizens providing labor services or taking up jobs overseas.

(13) To undertake administrative approval announced by the municipal government.

(14) To undertake other tasks assigned by the municipal Party committee and municipal government.

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