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By Faye Cui  |   |  release time:August 14th,2018

Green is a gift from summer - parks surrounded by bamboos, streets flanked by phoenix trees, ponds growing blooming lotus and high green mountains at a distance - that you could enjoy a green summer in Chengdu and feel the coolness it brings to the city.


Feel a Cool Breeze in Parks

Bamboos in Wangjiang Park

Surrounded by bamboos, Wangjiang Park is renowned for old buildings built in Qing Dynasty, such as Chongli Pavilion, Zhuojin Building and Huanjian Pavilion. In addition, legend has it that Xue Tao, a famous poetess in Tang Dynasty, used to live there and took the water from a well, to make letter paper. (which now is named "Xue Tao Well".) In the shade of bamboos, you can spend a lazy afternoon by simply enjoying the fresh air, watching egrets flying over the river and even encountering a cute cat sleeping under the bamboos.

Tranquility at Du Fu Thatched Cottage

Du Fu Thatched Cottage is a renovated historical site in memory of the Poet Saint Du Fu of Tang Dynasty. Embraced by some old trees, such as Nanmu trees, camphor trees, oaks, and banyan trees, the cottage features fine views and a cultural atmosphere.

More recommendations:

Huanhuaxi Park:

The Park is located next to Du Fu Thatched Cottage. It is built along the beautiful stream Huanhuaxi. Verdant trees embrace pathways by the stream sides. It is a green lung of the city as well a home for wild egrets.

People's Park:

Built in 1911, the park is consisted of numerous gingko trees, cherry-apple trees, crape myrtle woods, cherry trees, orchids and potted plants that cover an area of 10 hectares. People's Park is an irreplaceable part of life for some Chengdu people.

 Baihuatan Park:

Flower shows are frequently held in the park. It is famous for elegant orchids and ornamental bonsai. The park is characterized by traditional Chinese pavilions, antique buildings and a number of mini gardens.

Streets Shaded by Trees

Linyin Street/Xiaotianzhu Street, Daxue Road

Phoenix tree was one of the first shade trees introduced to Chengdu. Nearby Sichuan University, Daxue Road and Linyin Street are covered by the shade of phoenix trees and white fig trees.

Shangye Street, Duozi Alley, Zhijishi Street

Adjacent to Kuanzhai Alleys, Shangye Street, Duozi Alley and Zhijishi Street are flanked by phoenix trees, council trees, privet hedges and gingko trees. Go for a stroll through the tree shade and you will feel the green of downtown Chengdu.

West Yulin Road

Old alleys, old neighbors and the famous Little bar are all at Yulin streets. Life here is somewhat romantic and artistic. And the widely planted phoenix trees by the side of street is an important element to this lifestyle.

More recommendations:

Upper Qinglian Street, Hejiang Pavillion, East Jiuyanqiao Shunjiang Road:

These areas with riverside greenways are shaded by green trees.

On the Banks of Huanhuaxi Stream:

All the way along Qinghua Road, Caotang Road, Huanjin Riverside Road and South Huanhua Road grows lush trees. Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Huanhuaxi Park, Shu Brocade and Embroidery Museum as well as Sichuan Museum are located nearby.

Xiyu Street:

The street is flanked by phoenix trees. Chengdu Museum and Sichuan Provincial Library are located nearby.

Fragrance in Lotus Ponds

Wangjiang Campus and Huaxi Campus of Sichuan University

Sichuan University is noted for its vast lotus ponds. In summer usually after a gentle rain, the lotus in the ponds start to bloom. The pleasant scent of lotus is an unforgettable memory of students who have studied there.

More recommendations:

Sansheng Village:

The lotus pond here spreads hundreds of acres. Take a stroll along the walkways upon the lotus pond, you'll see a magnificent view of green leaves and pink lotus blossoms, as if being in a masterpiece of a impressionist painter.

Xindu Guihu Park:

A well-known place for appreciating lotus in the suburbs of Chengdu.


Gentle Breeze in the Mountain

Qingcheng Mountain

The famous poet Li Bai once wrote a poem for a summer day amid mountains, and a line reads: "A wind from the pine tree trickles on my bare head." If you pay a visit to Qingcheng Mountain, you will feel such coolness as well. The air is so fresh as if is guarded by some green spirits.

Express rail: Chengdu North Railway Station; Bus: Chadianzi Bus Station

More recommendations:

Zhaogong Mountain:

Zhaogong Mountain is located in Yutang County, Dujiangyan City. The mountain is covered with towering old trees.

Express rail: from Chengdu North Railway Station to Dujiangyan City; Bus: No.101/No.102 bus from Dujiangyan Passenger Transport Center to Yutang County

Heming Mountain, Dayi County:

one of the birth places of Taoism, Heming Mountain enjoys a pleasant and tranquil atmosphere.

Wuzhongshan Mountain (Fog Mountain), Dayi County:

The mountain is always covered by clouds and fog, and hence earns the name Fog Mountain.

Bus: from Jinsha Bus Station to Dayi County

Nanbao Mountain, Qionglai City:

Rising among vast spread of green hills, Nanbao Mountain is a scenic area famous for Baozhu Mountain Gorge and the suspension bridge.

Bus: from Shiyangchang Bus Station/Xinnanmen Bus Station/Chengdu North Railway Station to Qionglai City; transfer to bus heading to Dachuan Town and get off at Nanbao Mountain

Jiulong Gou (Nine Dragons Ditch) Scenic Area, Chongzhou County:

This bush-clad valley boasts wonderful views.

Bus: from Chadianzi Bus Station to Jiulong Gou scenic area; from Chengdu Chengbei Bus Station to Chongzhou City, then transfer to bus heading to Jiulong Gou scenic area

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