Ways to Beat the Heat in Summer

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    Chinese people often use common objects such as bamboo chairs, bamboo sleeping mats and cattail-leaf fans and decorative items such as censers, sachets and round silk fans to keep cool in summer. These things bring not only a refreshing feeling, but also childhood memories.



   In ancient China, fans were called "cool friends". Since the earliest fans in China were made of feathers, the Chinese character for "fan" includes the character for "feather". In the Yin Dynasty, fans were first used to shelter people from the sun. In the Western Han Dynasty, people began to use fans to ward off heat. Zhuge Liang, a famous military strategist during the Three Kingdoms Period is said to always hold a feathered fan in his hand.


Round fan

    Round fans originated from the Eastern Han Dynasty. The round fan is made from a piece of silk with painting on its covering. In ancient times, people used to decorate round fans with jade wares or walnuts. They often used natural fragrant materials as pendants that imparted pleasant aromas to help keep calm.


Cattail-leaf fan

    Cattail-leaf fans are popular among ordinary Chinese people in modern times. This type of fans made of cattail leaves bring us closer to nature.


Folding fan

    The ribs of folding fans are always made of bamboo and its covering is often made of paper or silk. Due to its flexible ribs, the fan can be easily folded. Chinese people usually use them as an article for daily use or decoration. Just opening and closing a folding fan can be a source of enjoyment.



Bamboo articles 

    In addition to fans, bamboo articles are indispensable to beat the searing heat in summer.


Bamboo chair 

    Just imagine how wonderful it would be to take a shower after returning home in the evening, and then stretching yourself out in a bamboo chair after dinner with a pot of tea at your side.


Bamboo sleeping mat

    A soft, cool and sweat-absorbing bamboo sleeping mat can help you sleep well on a hot summer night.


Bamboo water pistol 

    Water pistols are a favorite of children. Chinese people have invented a type of simple water pistol made from bamboo. Shooting water with water pistols beside a river can bringunbridled childlike happiness.


Bamboowife bolster

    A bamboo wife pillow is a hollow bamboo bolster hand-woven from bamboo cane. It can be embraced by the user or used as a foot rest. Bamboo wives are widely used in the regions south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River in China.


Porcelain pillow

    Porcelain pillows are another good choice to beat the heat in summer. You will feel comfortable and cool with a porcelain pillow while sleeping.


Comfortable summer clothing 

    It is quite necessary to wear clothes made from cool and breathable fabrics.


Silk: an antique way to feel 

    China was the first country in the world to use silk fabrics and it has been known as "Seres (country of silk)" since ancient times. Amongst the various fabrics, silk is the lightest and gives its wearers a pleasant feeling against the skin. In China, wearing clothes made of silk can enhance your elegance and let you feel the profound history and culture of China. Clothes decorated with simple but quality Sichuan embroidery worn by people in Chengdu present an elegant style that rivals fashion trends.


Cotton: sweat-absorption, breathable and comfortable 

    Different from clothes made from synthetic fabrics, clothes made of cotton can help evaporate sweat and make you feel cool in summer heat.


Linen: sweat-absorption and easy for maintenance 

    Due to its light and loose structure, linen is wonderfully breathable and is also great at water-absorption. As natural fabrics for making clothes, flax and cotton have always been popular in China.


Green plants 

    Growing green plants in summer will not only calm and refresh you but also have other wonderful effects.



    With its special aroma, mint can repel mosquitoes. If you are bitten by a mosquito, boiling some mint leaves and applying it on the bite can help reduce inflammation and relieve itching.



    A plant that grows in water, the hyacinth blooms every now and then would be a perfect choice to find a fresh feeling in the hot summer.


Boston ivy

    Boston ivy climbwalls and the natural shelter it forms will help reduce heat in the house.


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