The "Colorful" Life in International Communities
As of July 2019, there are already 4 international communities in Chengdu; according to the plan, 13more internationalized communities will materialize across the city by the end of 2019. At present, the 4 established international communities in Chengdu are: Tongzilin Community, Qingshiqiao Community, Shenghua Community and Shuobai Community. Upon the completion, the international communities have not only provided convenient foreign-related services to their Chinese and foreign residents, but also play unique roles in facilitating cultural, economic and trade exchanges. As it is planned, by the end of 2022, all 22 districts (cities) and counties of Chengdu will have accessible international communities, including the establishment of 6 international schools, 20 foreign-related medical care institutions10 entry and exit service stations and 22 Foreign Citizens' Home. This month, "Home in Chengdu" will focus on the theme of "The 'Colorful' Life in International Communities," visit the established international communities, and unflod the vibrant life in these Chinese-foreign integrated communities.
Industry, Innovation, Ingenuity: Shuangbai Community

Diversity, Convenience, Harmony

Business Travel Ecology: the Qingshiqiao Community

In the beginning of 2018, the Qingshiqiao Community started to operate as an international community relying on these resources.