Lovely Creatures in the Park City
Lovely Creatures in the Park City
100 years ago, world famous botanist and horticulturist E. H. Wilson came to western China four times to collect plants and brought 1,593 plants' seeds to Britain, the United States and other countries, which greatly enriched the western garden plant variety. More than half of the seeds were from Sichuan. Upon summarizing the research results of the predecessors, he put forward the famous discourse of "China: Mother of Gardens", where he highly praised Chengdu as "Garden of Western China". According to the latest "Report on Chengdu's Biodiversity Conservation" issued by Chengdu City Park Construction Management Bureau, there are about 264 families, 1,224 genera and 3,390 species of higher plants found in Chengdu, accounting for 10.9% of the species in China and 28.2% species in Sichuan. There are about 600 species of terrestrial wild animals recorded in the whole area of Chengdu, including 83 species of mammals, 466 species of birds, 31 species of reptiles, and 23 species of amphibians. In addition, the number of wild birds recorded in the city has increased from more than 200 species in 2006 to 484 in 2017, accounting for 31.9% of the national bird resources. Summer is the outdoor tourism season. Let's explore the wonders of nature on a summer trip.
Our Forest

There is a rich and unique species distribution in Sichuan, represented by ginkgo, Abies fabri, Sichuan redwood, Magnolia officinalis, and Minjiang cypress.

Splendid Plants with Flowers in the Forests of Chengdu

Let's take a walk into the depths of the forests of Chengdu and look for these representative plants with flowers as their ornamental features!