How to Enjoy an Authentic Chinese New Year in Chengdu
The Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the most prominent and celebrated festival in China, as well as an important element of Chinese culture. It brings families together and embodies aspirations for the upcoming year. In the past, the hard working Chinese people in ancient agrarian society instilled their hope for next year's copious harvest into various rituals and ceremonies during the festival, and these customs are earnestly observed and practiced from the Little New Year" (23rd or 24th day of the last month of the year on the lunar calendar) and the Lantern Festival (15th day of the first month of the new year on the lunar calendar). Although traditions differ from region to region, the unchanging theme is gathering with families, bidding farewell to the old year and welcoming the new. The 2019 Chinese New Year is around the corner, and Home in Chengdu will make special reports on the topic "How to Enjoy an Authentic Chinese New Year in Chengdu" to present foreign and non-local readers with a detailed guide for celebrating the Chinese New Year in Chengdu. The guide covers topics like New Year's shopping, preparation of New Year's Eve dinner, local festivities and the best destinations for New Year's hike and so on, showcasing the charms of Chinese traditional culture and enabling readers to immerse in Chengdu's cultural heritage and lifestyle.
Secret of Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner

It carries the mission of conveying the connotation of "family" of Chinese people from generation to generation.

New Year Celebration - Spring Festival

Although China is a massive country, but preparatory work for the Spring Festival is more or less the same throughout the nation.