City Flash
E-Social Security Card Launched!

E-social security card application conditions

Comprehensive Infrastructure Facilities and Public Services Bolster Chengdu's Development of Diversified Nighttime Economy

Chengdu is currently in the midst of establishing and perfecting infrastructure facilities and public services conducive to nighttime consumption

Millions of Citizens' Tour of Chengdu Comes to Successful End

Via unique culture and tourism routes connected by 100 greenways.

At 42.8g, the World's Smallest Panda Cub Safely Born in Chengdu

Currently, the Chengdu Panda Base has successfully bred two litters of three cubs in 2019.

Special Plan for Landscape Lighting in Central Chengdu (2017-2025) Unveiled

Through the selection and comprehensive analysis of lighting sources used for sceneries, key scenery lighting areas, pathways, nodes and landmarks were chosen.

2nd Longmen Mountain Homestay Development Forum to Open at the End of June in Pengzhou

A deeper influence, a higher quality, and a more optimized supply

78-Meter Bamboo Dragon Danced in Pingle

On June 8, 2019, the bamboo dragon dance held in Pingle Ancient Town attracted tens of thousands of tourists.

Chengdu Receives Nearly 10 Million Visitors During Dragon Boat Festival

A total tourism revenue of 12.855 billion yuan during the Dragon Boat Festival.

World's First Captive Giant Panda Cub Born in 2019

A new born giant panda cub will instinctively make loud call to arouse the mother's attention.

Entrance Communities of the Giant Panda National Park Confirmed

The three parties will team up for the planning of the natural education and ecological experience zones.