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Banking Services and Bank Offices

  No one can go without bank dealings in his work, study and everyday life. Never hesitate to do transactions at a bank out of the concern that you don't speak Chinese well. Almost every major domestic bank is able to provide English language services. With relevant certificates, you can easily get your cards from banks, and handle withdrawal, bank transfer and remittance... as you want.

  Major domestic banks

  Bank of China  Service Hotline: 95566

  Industrial and Commercial Bank of China  Service Hotline: 95588

  China Construction Bank  Service Hotline: 95533

  Agricultural Bank of China  Service Hotline: 95599

  Bank of Communications  Service Hotline: 95559

  China Merchants Bank  Service Hotline: 95555

  China Minsheng Bank  Service Hotline: 95568

  Postal Savings Bank of China  Service Hotline: 95580

  Industrial Bank  Service Hotline: 95561

  China Citic Bank  Service Hotline: 95558


  ●  Compared with other banks, the Bank of China provides more comprehensive services to foreigners, so it is recommended that you choose this bank;

  ●  Foreigners shall present one of the following two certificates when open an account at a bank: your valid certificate of identification (such as passport, or identity card in Hongkong, Macao or Taiwan), or permanent residence permit (for border inhabitants, border trade settlement rules shall be applied);

  ●  Audio Service in English is offered by hotlines of all the above banks;

  ●  Each bank has its English website except the Postal Savings Bank of China.    

  Popular foreign banks

  HSBC Service Hotline: 800-830-2880

  Add: Room 101-201 Building B, Zhonghai International, 177 Jiaozi Avenue, Chengdu

  Standard Chartered Bank  Service Hotline: 800-820-8088/400-888-8083

  Add: Room 2903, 2907-2910, 29th Floor, Building A, Times Square, 2 Zongfu Road, Chengdu.

  BEA Service Hotline: 800-830-3811/400-8888-338

  Add: 10th Floor, City Tower, 86 Section 1, Renmin Road South, Chengdu.

  Citibank Service Hotline: 800-830-1880/400-821-1880

  Add: Unit 101, 1st Floor, and Unit A-E, 30th Floor, City Tower, 86 Section 1, Renmin Road South, Chengdu.

  Hang Seng Bank Service Hotline: 400-120-8288

  Add: Unit 1, 9 and 10, 28th Floor, Tower 1, IFS International Financial Square, 1 Section 3, Hongxing Road, Chengdu.

  OCBC Bank Service Hotline: 400-670-2888

  Add: Room 105, 1st Floor, and Room 2201-03 and 2206-08, 22nd Floor, 7 Aerospace Technology building, Xinguanghua Street, Chengdu

  Nanyang Commercial Bank Service Hotline: 800-830-2066/400-830-2066

  Add: 1st Floor and Entresol, Dongdu International, 70 Section 2, Renmin Road Middle, Chengdu


  English language service is offered by all the above foreign banks. The addresses are for their Chengdu branches.


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