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Fenghuang Lake Ecological Wetland Park

The Fenghuang Lake Ecological Wetland Park is located within Qingbaijiang District. Occupying 2,040 mu of land including more than 700 mu of water surface area, a wide range of aquatic plants such as reeds and water bamboos have been planted on and near the waters. Within the park are over 16,000 cherry blossoms, alongside some 85,000 trees of remarkable landscaping quality. There is also roughly 220,000 square meters of lawns that help comprise a structurally distinct and multidimensional wetland ecosystem.

Mainly constituted by three lakes of varying sizes, Fenghuang Lake also boasts more than ten architectural and scenic spots featuring a diverse variety of styles from Han and Tang dynasties and Japanese to Gothic and contemporary.

Sights in phase one of the park primarily include beautifully shaped and intricately designed Ancient Arch Bridge, Cherry Blossom Pavilion, High Peak and Flowing Water, and Misty Forest Valley, among others. Phase two meanwhile will revolve around two major water bodies that are surrounded by the Cherry Blossom Avenue, along which are scenic spots such as the Han and Tang Dynasties Culture Street, Cherry Blossom Pavilion, High Peak and Flowing Water, and Fang Jian Monument.

The longest cherry blossom-viewing pathway within the park - the Cherry Blossom Avenue, stretches on an east-west course for nearly eight kilometers. On either side of the thoroughfare are about ten thousand cherry blossoms of over ten species, and during the blooming season, the entire road is enshrouded in shades of pink that will usher visitors into a world of flower unlike any other.

Recommended route of access

Road trip: Chengdu - Qingbaijiang Exit on the Chengdu-Mianyang Highway - Fenghuang Lake parking area, about 40mins

Hi-speed railway: East Chengdu Station - East Qingbaijiang Station - transfer to bus for park, about 35mins

Metro+bus: Chengdu Metro Line 3 Chengdu Medical College Station - Bus No.603 - Tianyuan Plaza (main entrance of Fenghuang Lake), about two hours

Add.: No.299 Fenghuang Avenue, Qingbaijiang District

Cost of admission: Free of charge



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