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Many Bird-Watching Spots for You in Chengdu

On April 9, 2020, the 2020 Biodiversity (Bird) Monitoring and Wildlife Epidemic Source and Disease Monitoring, Patrol and Protection Report (Q1 2020.01.01—03.31) of the City of Chengdu (hereinafter referred to as Report) was released, which recorded 21,189 birds of 170 species, which is equal to 34.62% (170/491) of the species of birds known to be distributed in the city of Chengdu (a total of 491 species of birds have been recorded within the territory of Chengdu City).

Of which, the black-throated loon was a new discovery for the whole of Sichuan Province. The black-throated loon is a water bird and is found only in the coastal areas of Northeast China, having never been spotted within Sichuan. "The appearance of the black-throated loon at Xinglong Lake is a testament to improvements in Chengdu's ecological environment," explained Shen You, Director of the Chengdu Bird-watching Society.

Other than rivers, lakes and wetlands, the Chengdu Bird-watching Society also focused its monitoring and observation efforts at mountain regions like Longquan Mountains to the east, Chongzhou to the west and Dujiangyan in the north, recording a total of 710 migratory birds of prey from 19 species. "This is prime time for bird-watching right now, and locations such as Qinglong Lake, Xinglong Lake, Bei Lake, Bailu Bay, Jincheng Lake, the Chengdu Botanical Garden and Sichuan University are relatively ideal spots for bird-watching within Chengdu City. For the suburb areas, Mount Zhaogong in Dujiangyan, the Jintang segment of Longquan Mountains and Baita Lake in Chongzhou are also top-notch," Shen You suggested.



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