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Tour to Ancient Towns: 2020 Tianfu Ancient Town (Spring) Tourism Festival Kicks off

On March 29, 2020, the 2020 Tianfu Ancient Town (Spring) Tourism Festival kicked off in Pingle Ancient Town, Chengdu. The 2020 Tianfu Ancient Town (Spring) Tourism Festival will last from the end of March to the end of May, which integrates the special events such as cultural tourism, folk customs, intangible heritage, etc., in ancient town in Chengdu. It will launch four spring theme events including "Tianfu Ancient Town Spring Appreciation Illustration", "Tianfu Ancient Town Spring Hanfu Show", "Tianfu Ancient Town Spring Gourmet Festival" and "Tianfu Ancient Town LIVE Art Show", supplemented by 10 unique cultural tour routes of Tianfu Ancient Town, creating a series of colorful and Chengdu-style ancient town events.

Slow Tour Tianfu Greenway to Appreciate the Characteristics of Chengdu's Ancient Towns

On the day of the event, in addition to the opening ceremony on the site, Tianfu Ancient Town Spring Illustration was published online. The illustration reflects the characteristic culture and beautiful scenery of ancient towns in Chengdu, which are connected with the Tianfu Greenway.  With vivid pictures and text introduction, and supplemented by new media publicity, it allows tourists and citizens to deeply appreciate ancient towns in Chengdu, make a tour to these ancient towns, and experience the culture and leisure life.

The Tianfu Greenway with a total length of 16,900 kilometers has become an important node of the urban life. Combined with the bus and the rail network, it connects the ecological routes of Chengdu cultural tourism represented by ancient towns, and the urban function system and life scenes connected by the Greenway are gradually taking shape. 


Create New Scenes and New Entertainment in Ancient Town Tourism

The Ancient Town Tourism Festival combines the characteristics of the spring culture and tourism in the ancient towns to create a new scene and new entertainment of Tianfu ancient town including "eating, living, traveling, tour, shopping, and entertainment", which integrates all spring cultural events in ancient towns in Chengdu including Tianfu Impression in Pingle Ancient Town • New Happiness of New Trend, Luodai Ancient Town 2020 Hakka Cultural Tourism Festival, Huanglongxi Ancient Town National Garland Art Season, 2020 Spring Sound Bailu Spring Music Season in Bailu Music Town, Jiezi Ancient Town 2020 Flower Festival, Yuantong Ancient Town Spring Festival Series, 2020 China Philosophy Town Wufengxi • Chengdu Jintang Longquanshan Urban Forest Park Mountain Half Marathon, etc.

Top 10 Characteristic Cultural Tourism Routes of Tianfu Ancient Town

The first route: Pingle Ancient Town-Linqiong Ancient Town-Qiongyao Archaeological Site Park-Xingfu Laidao Bicycle Expressway-Jiaguan Zhouhebian Linpan-Tiantai Mountain-Tianfu Honggu Homestay;

The second route: Anren Ancient Town-Jinxiu Anren Flower Expo Park-Xinchang Ancient Town-Xiling Snow Mountain-Anren Jinxiu Pastoral Greenway;

The third route: Huanglongxi Ancient Town-Airport Central Park-Seaside City Scenic Area-Bajiao Water Fort;

The fourth route: Bailu Music Town-Baoshan Tourism Scenic Area-Gexian Mountain Tourism Greenway-Danjing Mountain Peony Scenic Area;

The fifth route: Dujiangyan—Qingcheng Mountain—Qingchengwan Wetland Linpan—Jiezi Ancient Town—Panda Cultural Creativity Street;

The sixth route: Sandaoyan Ancient Town-Qinggangshu Village Linpan Cluster-Sichuan Cuisine Museum-Tangchang Zhanqi Village-Ande China Sichuan Cuisine Experience Park-Youai Farm Technology Village-Wangcong Temple;

The seventh route: Wufengxi Ancient Town-Linpan of He Lin's Former Residence -Huaizhou New Town Greenway-Yuhuang Health Valley;

The eighth route: Xilai Ancient Town-Linpan Scenic Area of Mingyue Village-Chengjia Tea Town Scenic Area-Shixiang Lake Scenic Area-Cherry Mountain Scenic Area (including Yujiabian Linpan)-Daxigu Tourist Resort;

The ninth route: Luodai Ancient Town—Blog Town—Luodai Special Homestay—Luodai Wetland Park Greenway—Weiran Flower Sea;

The tenth route: Yuantong Ancient Town-Longhai Sanlang Tourist Resort-Bamboo Handicraft Village, Daoming Town-Kaimu River Wetland Greenway.



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