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Wuhou Shrine and Yongling Mausoleum Reopens in March

A series of measures have been released to resume the opening of scenic spots. Guidance on the Orderly Opening of Level-A Scenic Spots in Chengdu during the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 has been issued recently, proposing to ensure the safe and orderly opening of level-A scenic spots in the city by adopting separated and staged opening of scenic spots, strengthening the prevention and control measures for sightseeing, and implementing comprehensive management of scenic spots.

Chengdu Wuhou Shrine Museum

A notice is issued on the official website of Chengdu Wuhou Shrine Museum, announcing the resumption of the museum’s Cultural Relic Area on March 12. The opening is also carried out on the basis of strict prevention and control.

Opening hours: From 10:00 to 16:00, ticket sales will stop at 15:00.

Open areas: Cultural Relic Area, but excluding the Three Kingdoms Cultural Exhibition Hall, Lvyuxuan Exhibition Hall and Cultural and Creative Center. Visitors can enter from the main gate of the Cultural Relic Area, and exit from the side door of the Cultural Relic Area and gate of Jieyi Building. (Contrary to the open areas, the three closed places are all indoor spaces without good air circulation.)

To ensure the safety of visitors, the museum will strictly control the daily number of visitors. The number of visitors in the Cultural Relic Area is limited to 2,000 every day, and the number of visitors shall not exceed 300 in an instant to ensure that visitors are kept at a distance of more than 1.5 meters. Visitors shall wear medical mask and present a valid identity, get their temperature checked at the entrance, and receive a sticker pass before entering the museum.


Wide and Narrow Alleys

Notice: No reservation is needed. The entrance is located in the East Square of Wide Alley. Visitors need to scan the QR code and fill in the information, get temperature checked and receive a label pass for the day before entering the scenic area. All visitors must wear medical masks and shall avoid gathering. It is advised to keep a two-meter distance from each other.

Chengdu Yongling Mausoleum

On March 12, the official website of Yongling Mausoleum announced that the Garden Protection Area would be reopen to the public from 10:00 to 16:00 every day. The Cultural Relic Protection Area and the Comprehensive Museum are suspended from opening due to the large enclosed space.

In addition, the number of visitors in the Garden Protection Area shall not exceed 1,000 every day, and the instantaneous number of visitors shall not exceed 300.

Chengdu Pingle Ancient Town 

On March 5, Tianfu Bamboo Sea (West Sichuan Bamboo Sea) of Chengdu Pingle Ancient Town opened with the daily number of visitors not exceeding 3,000. At the same time, Qiongzhou Garden Scenic Area and Pingsha Luoyan Street also take the same measure. 

After the reopening, the scenic spot opens from 9:00 to 17:00 every day, and the number of visitors to be received daily is limited, which will be dynamically adjusted according to the epidemic prevention and control in the coming days. Visitors can make online real-name booking via Ctrip and WeChat Official Account “West Sichuan Bamboo Sea of Chengdu Pingle Ancient Town” or scan the QR code for tickets. Visitors shall obtain individual health code in advance through WeChat applet of “Tianfu Health Express” and enter the scenic spot with booking information, health code and a valid identity.

Chengdu Flower Dance World

Opening hours: 9:00-16:00 

Open areas: at present, only the area from the West Gate of the scenic area to Cloud Sea and the Flower Garden Exposition Area are open to the public. Visitors need to enter and leave the scenic area from the West Gate.

Notice: A valid ID is required to buy tickets, and visitors shall wear a medical mask, cooperate with the staff to fill in the health registration form and identity information, and get their temperature checked before entering the garden (by scanning the QR code on the ticket on the turnstile). The scenic area will limit the visitors at different time intervals, and the number of visitors to the scenic area will not exceed 3,000.

Ticket purchase: Visitors can purchase tickets on the official WeChat account “Flower Dance” and major OTA platforms, and the real-name system is required for ticket purchase. 

Time-limited Opening of Phoenix Lake

Opening hours: 9:00-17:00

Notice: Before entering the Phoenix Lake, visitors shall wear mask and cooperate with the temperature check. The daily number of visitors is not more than 8,000, and the instantaneous maximum number of visitors is not more than 3,000. A total number of 4,000 visitors are allowed in the morning and the afternoon, respectively.

Reservation information: From 00:00 on March 13, citizens can make real-name reservation to enter the park for the next three days on the WeChat official account “Phoenix Lake Eco-wetland Park”. After the reservation is successful, visitors can access the Phoenix Lake Scenic Area with their ID card, “Tianfu Health Express” green code or other valid health certificates according to the reservation time. 

Some Non-Gathering Places at Chenghua Cultural Center Now Accessible 

Chenghua Cultural Center has opened some non-gathering service places since 9: 00 on March 12 (Thursday). It is open from Monday to Friday (9:00-17:00) including the exhibition of calligraphy and painting works, literature and art consultation and online cultural services. Visitors are required to make reservation one day in advance at the WeChat official account “Chenghua Cultural Center” or “Cultural Tianfu” APP. The quota for admission is 20 visitors per day. Wuhou Cultural Center has also opened some non-gathering places since March 10, with reservation required and limited number of entry at specific time.



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