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Chengdu Plans to Build 6 Types of Park Communities

Chengdu will soon issue the Guidance for the Urban Planning and Construction of the Beautiful & Livable Park City of Chengdu. The Guidance proposes that park communities are the basic unit of the park city and are the most direct display of park city's ecological value, aesthetic value, people-oriented value, economic value, living value, social value, etc. Among them, the park communities are categorized into 6 types, which will be constructed with different emphases.


Green Community

In accordance with the concept of "building a city with parks, building parks in the city, merging parks and the city, and harmonizing the people and the city", the traditional development mode of "laying a big bread cake" in the old city park communities will be changed through introducing green elements into the city and optimizing the park layout. In the park communities of new areas, the city will embrace green laying out in groups. With the city in nature and the rural scenery in the city, the urban residents can virtually feel the nature by "seeing the fields out of window and green out of door".

Beautiful Community

By reducing the development intensity and optimizing the urban format, the fresh and bright greenery livable environment will be built in strict accordance with the requirement on zoning plot ratio. Areas with innate conditions should build corridors for viewing mountains along main open spaces, construct a landscape view system of "looking out over the mountains and seeing the rivers", and reproduce the grand view of "centurial snow of Xiling Mountain from the window".

Shared Community

To implement requirement of the central government on promoting the block system, and reflect the design concept of "open to the public, appropriate accessibility, narrow roads & dense network", enclosed type of residential quarters is not encouraged in newly built residential communities. For the existing enclosed residential quarters, it is recommended to gradually increase the openness. Commercial and business communities should adopt a completely open model without surrounding walls, and with roads between buildings for public slow-moving system and motor vehicles.

People-oriented Community

Public open spaces will be forged combining historical and cultural resources such as historical and cultural heritage, historical streets and lanes, architectural relics, ancient post roads etc. The green belts, water networks, significant historical relics and ancient post roads will highlight Chengdu’s culture in aspects of water, ancient Shu State and business.

Vibrant Community

Build the resource-saving, eco-friendly, recycling-efficient communities by actively attracting world-renowned universities, scientific research institutions, enterprise R & D centers, etc., introducing innovation platforms such as state laboratories and supercomputing centers, and establishing incubators and accelerators.

Open up the collaborative innovation channel of "government, industry, university, research and application", and build an innovative industrial chain of "basic research-scientific R&D-innovation & incubation-application & commercialization".

Living Community

Adhering to the concept of “facility embedding, function integration, and scenario introduction”, a living community will have an overall plan of public facilities, the balanced allocation of high-quality public services, a 15-minute community service circle, and park complexes, providing one-stop comprehensive public services.


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