"Qiao Qiao" Delivers Twins in the Wild at Tiantai Mountain
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"Qiao Qiao" Delivers Twins in the Wild at Tiantai Mountain

On December 12, 2019, the staff of China Giant Panda Protection Research Center brought back the giant panda "Qiao Qiao" and its cubsat the wild training field in Tiantai Mountain. "Qiao Qiao" is a 10-year-old female panda rescued from the wild by the center. In March 2019, the giant panda "Qiao Qiao" was sent to Tiantai Mountain to participate in the wild introduction. "Qiao Qiao" successfully mated with a wild male giant panda in early April. On September 16, "Qiao Qiao" gave birth to a pair of twins in the wild of Tiantai Mountain. At present, "Qiao Qiao" and one of its cubs live in wild training field of Tiantai Mountain.

"Qiao Qiao" is the second giant panda that is introduced successfully and give birth to cubsafter the giant panda "Cao Cao" since introduction project of giant panda in the field in 2017. Its cubs are the first pair of panda cubs born in the wild. The pups are male, weighing 206.6g. At birth, giant panda cubs generally weigh about 150 grams, and few weigh more than 200g.

In 2017, China Giant Panda Protection Research Center officially launched the introduction project of giant pandas in the field. The project has been successfully for three consecutive years. In the field introduction, the captive-bred giant pandasare put into the wild after wild training and mate with the wild giant pandas.The cubs participate in the reproduction and can add new population genes and vitality to the captive-bred giant panda population, realizing the exchange of consanguinity between wild population and captive-bred population. After being brought back by the staff, they are examined to confirm their survival in the wild. At the same time, the staff will also collect relevant index data to provide reference for the subsequent accumulation of data for the wild.



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