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The Long-Awaited Train will Run!

    The newly completed Leshan-Yibin section of Chengdu-Guiyang Railway will be open on June 15. It is expected that the Yibin West-Guiyang section will also be ready at the end of this year.June 15! That is this coming Saturday! Upon the operation, it will take only one hour and 19 minutes to go from Chengdu South Railway Station to Yibin West Railway Station.

    Let's take a quick look at this exciting railway. Chengdu-Leshan section of Chengdu-Guiyang Railway started operation in December 2014. The newly-built Leshan-Guiyang section of Chengdu-Guiyang Railway starts from Leshan Station, runs eastward through Qianwei County, Yibin City, Changning County, and Xingwen County in Sichuan Province, Weixin County and Zhenxiong County in Yunnan Province, Bijie City, Dafang County, and Qianxi County in Guizhou Province, and finally ends at Guiyang City.

Well, here comes the typical question. What's special in Yibin about food and attractions? With our Yibin friends' help, the exclusive information is revealed as follows:

Must-see Attractions

Shunan Bamboo Sea

    Although a bit old-fashioned, it is the most famous attraction in Yibin. A cool attraction for hot summer.

Xingwen Stone Forest Tour Spot

    Tiankeng, karst cave, Permian geological section, surface karst topography, waterfall, dissolved canyon... You can even take a hot air balloon ride.

Lizhuang Ancient Town

    Li Zhuang Wide Cold Meat! That's the recommendation. Period.

Xijia Mountain Residence

    It was first built in the Wanli Period of Ming Dynasty and gradually developed into a large-scale manor house in the late Qing Dynasty. The courtyard is constructed in three squares. Except for the stone-built walls and the towers at the four corners, the rest of the residence is constructed in over hanging gable structures with black tile roof.

Cuike Mountain-Yingpan Mountain City Forest Park

    You can have a bird view of the whole city, and there is gliding available.


Must-eat Food


Cold Rice Noodles

Cold Rice Jelly from Putao Well

All kinds of noodles (it is said that Yibin people usually eat noodles for breakfast.)

And you must try night snacks in Yibin! 



Free Tickets for Time Museum!


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