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What do people say about Chengdu?

  From August 28 to September 1, more than 10 bloggers in field of history, culture, food and fashion experienced a genuine life in Chengdu during the "reading city" activity co-organized by the Chengdu Internet Culture Association and Sina microblog. By 11:00 on September 3, the topic "Walk in Chengdu" had been discussed on microblog for 45,000 times.

  When walking in Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Jinsha Site Museum, Chuançais Museum, Wuhou Shrine, Chengdu New Economy Museum, Zhanqi Village, Luxi River Ecological Zone, we wonder what people think of Chengdu? Let's check it out. 


Chengdu · Cuisine

  @ Bowu Magazine: In Chuançais Museum in Pidu District, I saw a jar of pickles, called "fish with pickled peppers". Live crucian fish is repeatedly cleaned in rice water and clean water. After the fish belly bowel discharges, crucian fish and peppers are out together in the jar and the fish slowly dies inside. Some people say that vegetables shall not be too many so that the fish can swims, playing the role of mixing. However, some people say that many vegetables must be put in the jar to keep the fish from swimming. After the fish dies, the peppers in the jar are said to have a unique flavor. I don't know what it tastes like.

Chengdu · History

  @ Study on the history of war WHS: During the Song Dynasty, Chengdu was particularly prosperous and wealthy. There were fairs in the city all the year round: January: lantern fair; February: flower fair; March: silkworm fair; April: brocade fair; May: fan fair; June: incense fair; July: jewelry fair; August: sweet-scented Osmanthus fair; September: medicine fair; October: wine fair; November: plum fair; December: fair of peach wood charms against evil. It's amazing.

  @ History book: Chengdu's Three Kingdoms culture still has a lot to explore, such as the Wuhou Shrine and many related to martial arts, famous story and scenic spots, the figures of the Three Kingdoms and stories.

Chengdu · Technology

  @ Study on the history of war WHS: The outdoor smoking area of the Jianchuan Museum Cluster is made with an old wind turbine fairing.

  @ Gao Qingyi: Chengdu has provided a fertile land for mass entrepreneurship and innovation, vigorously developing the "new economy" and also providing a huge opportunity for the vast number of entrepreneurial new species. The combination of intelligent economy and creative economy will give birth to a series of interesting innovations. I am looking forward to the leap under the tide of intelligence in Chengdu.

Chengdu · Livable City

  @ Biological man who operates an aquarium: I have affection for Chengdu because I study aquatic creature. Many areas and the whole ecological environment, including the water environment, are significantly improved.

  @ Master of Heaven-Kazan: The weather and climate can affect the style of a city. Chengdu has many advantages. For example, it is not disturbed by typhoon, the impact of cold air is relatively weak, the air humidity is relatively high, making Chengdu very livable.

  @ Zhang Tengyue: Zhuyi Village is a good place with beautiful mountains, lush bamboo forest and exuberant flowers. Eating in such a place is fantastic.


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