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Free Tickets for Time Museum!

  I heard that new media of the People's Daily is holding a campaign of "Time Museum" at Kuanzhai Alley of Chengdu, which is the fourth exhibition of Time Caravan after Beijing, Shenzhen and Changsha. As a vintage fan like me, I would go and visit it first to see what we can enjoy in the museum. 


About Time Museum

  Time Museum is co-launched by Chengdu Culture&Tourism Group and the People's Daily. Themed with "flowing time, progressing China", 2019 Time Museum has "loaded" 70-year life memory of Chinese into the Time Caravan to tell the changes occurred in the past seven decades in clothing, food, housing, transportation, culture and education. 

  From September 6 to September 10, you can not only "time travel" to take photos with Chinese pop music cassettes in the 20th century, but also listen to the class bell familiar to Chinese, or follow eye exercises broadcast to take some relax.

  Inside the Museum three stations are set, by which history is divided into three ages.

First Station


Time Transportation Bureau

  Walking into "Time Transportation Bureau" is like stepping into a bus of 20th century due to highly restored grab rail, leather seats and engine sound.


Second Station


Time Photo Studio

  What about wearing classic costumes and take a vintage family photo?


Third Station


Time Classroom

  Do you feel familiar with those scenes, such as marks left by students on the desks and tidy notes on textbooks? Do you remember how to solve the permutation and combination on the blackboard?


  In addition, friends in Chengdu may visit "newspaper" window display.

  Co-branding with Netease Music, Taobao, Dabao, Muzen Radio, Morning Glory, and Mimi Shrimp Chips, New media of the People's Daily have publicized tranboundary series products based on creative point of classic elements like old newspapers of the People's Daily to pay tribute to the development of Chinese brands in seven decades. 


Key point! Steps for collecting free tickets!

1. Download "the People's Daily" APP and enter "Time Museum"

2. Click on ticket apply and collection

3. Fill in your mobile number and get tickets. 


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