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Comprehensive Infrastructure Facilities and Public Services Bolster Chengdu's Development of Diversified Nighttime Economy

    In recent days, data from the "Knowing City - Nightlife Index" of various cities just released by the Rising Lab shows Chengdu is placed just behind Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing, thus ranking first in this regard among all new tier-one cities. Diversified urban life means the diversification of urban consumption demands, as well as the diversity in nighttime economy. Other than businesses and service industry as manifestations of this economy, Chengdu is currently in the midst of establishing and perfecting infrastructure facilities and public services conducive to nighttime consumption, so as to assist the city in forming a diversified nighttime economy, with the ultimate goal of creating features and brands unique to Chengdu. 

    During the 2019 Chinese New Year, the "Night Tour at Jinjiang River" became one of the favorite activites among internet KOLs, having received approximately 200,000 visitors. The popularity of the "Night Cruise on Jinjiang River" has not waned even today, and since the cruise program commenced trial operation in April, in the past two months or so more than 2,000 people have boarded the cruise for a nighttime trip on the water, making this program one of the new hits for leisurely evening consumption in Chengdu. On June 2, the country's first arts pedestrian zone focused on galleries showcasing original artworks - the Dachuan Alley - π Cubic Gallery and Arts Center, officially opened its gates. Said pedestrian zone will host weekly evening bazaars with different themes, which will feature novel experiences such as buying and selling of original pieces, social group meetings and bartering, adding a fresh touch to Chengdu's night life. 

    The recently released Chengdu Action Plan to Speed Up the Construction of an International Consumption City underlined the necessity to tap into the new potentials in consumption at night, strengthen the fostering of a nighttime economic climate, accelerate the cultivation of nighttime consumption business districts along the Jinjiang River, introduce modern and emerging consumption business, and create nighttime spending landmarks in the city.

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