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Special Plan for Landscape Lighting in Central Chengdu (2017-2025) Unveiled

    In recent days, the Special Plan for Landscape Lighting in Central Chengdu (2017-2025) was unveiled, which included zoning plans for landscape lighting in Chengdu's central urban districts (11+2), as well as those in the city's "eastern extension" regions. Through the selection and comprehensive analysis of lighting sources used for sceneries, key scenery lighting areas, pathways, nodes and landmarks were chosen. Water-based corridors are extended to connect the city's main regions and nodes, thereby forming a landscape lighting structure summed up as "one mountain, two hearts, three axes, four rings, multiple corridors, multiple sectors". Of which, the "one mountain" refers to the Longquan Mountains Urban Forest Park, the "two hearts" represent the Tianfu Brocade City and the  Tianfu New Center, the "three axes" denote the north-south urban central axis nighttime scenery axis, east-west urban axis nighttime scenery axis and Jin River nighttime scenery axis, and the "four rings" are the 1st Ring Road, 2nd Ring Road, 3rd Ring Road and Panda Greenway, and the 4th Ring Road and Jincheng Greenway.



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