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2nd Longmen Mountain Homestay Development Forum to Open at the End of June in Pengzhou

    Homestay is growing rapidly. How can this new economy achieve a virtuous development? Chengdu, known as the "First City of Homestay", will host the China Pengzhou 2nd Longmen MountainHomestay Development Forum in Pengzhou from June 27 to 29, 2019, with the goal of promoting the homestay industry to a deeper influence, a higher quality, and a more optimized supply, as well as an activeexploration of rural revitalization and collective economic growth. During the forum, big shots from well known homestay brands and association leaders from the countrywill gather together to share the experience of homestay designing, building and operating, discuss the development trend of homestay, and conduct industry deep communication and brainstorm regarding the constraints and problems in the development of homestays. In addition, artists, craft masters, homestay platforms, homestay associations, and township construction practitioners will be invited as well.



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