Night Tour on Jinjiang River
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Night Tour on Jinjiang River

Finally, the long-awaited Night Tour on Jinjiang is opened for trial operation today!

I still remember the sightseeing boat’s debut during the Spring Festival this year. Since then, I've been looking forward to taking a boat tour on the Jinjiang River in the twilight and enjoying the beautiful scenery of Chengdu along the way! Now, with the trial operation is opened, we can take boat tour again~

I've collected all information about this trial operation for you! So now I've got only one question, "I have an extra ticket. Would you like to join me?"

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Tour Concept

The Night Tour on Jinjiang River is themed on Story Scroll of Jinjiang River which integrates four major sectors of urban leisure, Dongmen market, downtown meditation, and ancient Jinguan Post Station, and create three grand theme scenes including Night Exhibition, Night Show, and Night Tour, drawing an urban entertainment map with characteristics of old Chengdu folk life, Shu State style, and international quality.


Tour Route

Departure from Dongmen Wharf

Take an ancient boat of paddles from the ancient Dongmen Wharf.

Go southward along Fuhe River and pass Dongmen Bridge


Inspired by Du Fu's poem, Blessing Rain at Spring Night, the tour is back dropped against the alongside riverbanks, and tourists can immerse in the creative light shows and fully appreciate the stories and beautiful landscapes of ancient Jinguan City, which are described by Du Fu as "Looking at the red ground in the early morning, and a flowering Jinguan City appears in my view".

Return from Hejiang Pavilion to Dongmen Wharf

Built in 1,200 years ago, Hejiang Pavilion is a delicate and precious architecture located at the intersection of Fuhe River and Nanhe River. It is an octagonal pavilion with double roofs, ten pillars, and glazed tile eaves.

Along the route, you can have a full appreciation of the beautiful landscapes and the attractive city life during this short and relaxing boat tour. 


Ticket information

Open time

trial operation started on April 25

Operation hours

Monday to Sunday

13:30-18:00 (day tour);

19:30-22:00 (night tour)

Ticket price

Ticket price for tour on Jinjiang and Fu River (day tour): RMB 60

Ticket price for tour on Jinjiang and Fu River (night tour): RMB 120

Ticket sale venue

Dongmen Wharf, Binhe Road, Tianxian Bridge, Jinjiang District, Chengdu

Ticket purchase method

On-site ticket purchase or advance reservation (Contact number: 18117911373)

Boarding location

Tourists board at Dongmen Wharf under instruction.


Take Metro Line 2 and get off at Dongmen Bridge;

And then, take bus No. 3/4/58/98/138 and get off at Dongfeng Bridge Stop, or take bus No. 18/152 and get off at Zhiquan Street Stop.



There are only 500 tickets available each day. When the number of tourists reaches the daily maximum, purchase or change of ticket will be suspended.

The boat tour is an outdoor program affected by force majeure factors such as weather, flood season and dry season. The scenic spot may cancel the boat tour without prior notice. It is recommended to check the local weather forecast or subscribe to the official WeChat account of Nigh Tour on Jinjiang River for latest update.

During the trial operation, the nighttime operation capacity is limited, and the lights shows are conducted at a fixed schedule with a total of 150 tickets. So telephone reservation is needed for night tour. There are quite a number of boats available in the daytime at the tourist’s convenience. (Reservation number: 18117911373)

*The above information is subject to the actual notice of the scenic spot.


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