Theme Tour: Experience Splendid Chengdu
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Theme Tour: Experience Splendid Chengdu


Seasonal Tour

  With climate being mild, Chengdu has four distinctive seasons. Coming in different seasons, visitors would see different views. 

Spring flower 

Recommended destinations: 

Longquan Peach Blossom Valley, Yinghua (Cherry blossom) Forest by Fenghuang Lake of Qingbaijiang District, Shixiang Lake of Pujiang, Chongqing Road of Chongzhou and Huawu Renjian of Xinjin. 

Summer green

Recommended destinations: 

Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum; groves of bamboos in Wangjiang Park, which creates an ancient and cool atmosphere; lotus pond in Sansheng Flower Town, which is in full bloom (area: more than 600mu, i.e. 400,000m2).

Autumn leaves

Recommended destinations: 

Sichuan University and University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, the famous gingko scenic spots of China in autumn. 


●Longquan Peach Blossom Valley


●Sansheng Flower Town

2s.jpgWinter snow

Recommended destinations: 

Xiling Snow Mountain of Dayi County. With its peak rising up to 5,353m above the sea level, it is the highest mountain of Chengdu. It is perennially snow-capped, with its ski resort being open from December to March of the next year. 

●Xiling Snow Moutain

Cultural Tour

  If you want to know more about Chengdu, just take a cultural tour after going to scenic spots. Strolling in streets and communities, looking on and even experiencing life details of the city, you would have different feelings. 


●Kuanzhai Alleys

Ancient Shaocheng City, a walk through history, literature and art

  Zhang Yi built Shaocheng City during the Warring States Period more than 2,000 years ago. Officials, soldiers and their families of the Eight Banners (military-administrative organizations of the Man nationality in the Qing Dynasty) lived there in Qing Dynasty 300 years ago. It has been the root of Chengdu since the ancient times. The boundary of Shaocheng City is unclear at present, yet it becomes more open and fantastic in the modern trend. 

Walking route: Around Xiaonan Street: Fangchi Street (Mansion of Li Jiayu brothers, a building of the republic of China). Around Changshun Street: Kuanzhai Alleys, Zhijishi Street (location of Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts and Chengdu Art Academy), Paotongshu Street and Xiaotong Alley (literature and art block) and Kuixinglou Street (youth creative block).

Yulin, style of life in Chengdu

  Everything of Yulin seems small. In dozens of new and old neighborhoods, small shops, restaurants, markets, clothing stores and bars can be found everywhere in the crisscrossing narrow alleys. Walking there, you would be impressed by its prosperity and leisure. The calm expressions on faces of people walking around just embody the comfortable and leisurely style of Chengdu. 

Walking route: Walking from Yulin Road East to West, there are numerous clothing stores, noodle restaurants, Chuanchuan restaurants (Chuanchuan refers to skewers of vegetables and meat) and hot pot restaurants in crisscross narrow street and alleys; there are several pubs and bars in Yulin Road West and Fangcao Street. 

Taikoo Li - Lan Kwai Fong, fashionable magic cubes in downtown Chengdu

  In recent years, many new landmarks are erected in Chengdu, represented by Taikoo Li block of downtown. Walking from Tangpa Street to Lan Kwai Fong and Shui Jin Jie, you would be impressed by the fashionable, artistic, folk and recreational appeal of Chengdu. It seems these places comprise a compact magic cube with constantly changing styles. 

Walking route: Taikoo Li, Tangpa Street (cafes, bookstores and small restaurants), Lan Kwai Fong (leisurely night life) and Shui Jin Jie (fashionable restaurants in an old street).


●Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu

Huanhuaxi Park - Baihuatan Park, a mild, classic and green world

  Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum, Huanhuaxi Park, Shu Brocade Institute, Sichuan Museum, Baihuatan Park, Wenhua Park and Qingyang Taoist Temple are closely located in the same block, which boasts the essence of Chengdu, such as verdant & lush public space, ancient & classic temple and bright & splendid culture. 

Walking route: Qinghua Road (Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum, Shu Brocade Institute and Sichuan Museum); Upper Qingyang Street (Baihuatan Park, Qingyang Taoist Temple and Wenhua Park). 


●Qingyang Taoist Temple

Refreshing Tour

  Slowing down and sitting down, you would enjoy the leisure time of Chengdu style. Take a leisure tour in Chengdu and try the following things to experience the slow-paced life of Chengdu just like the locals. 

Sichuan Opera 

  In addition to face-changing, fire-spitting, oil-lamp on head and other unique skills which make you impressed at the first sight, Sichuan Opera also features touching stories, mild melody, flexible skills and exquisite costumes. Till now, Sichuan Opera still has lots of fans in Chengdu. There are regular and occasional Sichuan Opera shows in theater. 

Theater: Sichuan Opera Theater (108 Zhihui Street) and Jinjiang Theater of Sichuan Opera (54 Huaxing Central Street, Jinjiang District)

Folk opera teahouses: Shufeng Yayun Theater of Sichuan Opera (in Wenhua Park of Qingtai Road, next to Qingyang Taoist Temple), Yuelai Teahouse (54 Huaxing Central Street), Shunxing Teahouse (lounge bridge of New Conference and Exhibition Center) and Shuyun Yuan Theater of Sichuan Opera (31 Zhai Alley)


  Statistics from a food comment webside of China show that Chengdu has the most teahouses of China, reaching up to more than 9,200 in 2014. No matter traditional teahouses arranged with bamboo chairs and wooden stools or modern teahouses with fashionable decoration, they are an integral part of Chengdu with unique charm. 

Heming Teahouse: In People's Park, 12 Shaocheng Road

Dacisi Teahouse: In Daci Monastery of Taikoo Li, Mid Shamao Street

Pengzhen Traditional Teahouse: Old street of Pengzhen Town, 3km northwest of Shuangliu County Seat

Other recommendations: Teahouses in Kuanzhai Alleys, Shuyuan Street North and by Shahe River and Jinjiang River.

Local snacks 

  Want to try local delicious snacks of Chengdu? You can find it everywhere. Walking around in the street, you'd encounter peddlers' carts and hospitable snack bars. 

Recommended street snacks: Chengdu pancake, cold noodles, sweet fried balls, pot chicken, fried potato, glutinous rice cake, Guokui (Sichuan-style-pie), five-spice braised food and desserts such as cold cake, white fungus soup and lotus-nut sweet soup.

Pub & Bar 

  Always clustering together, pubs and bars have a relatively long history in Chengdu. A major feature is that some bars are graceful gathering places of people who love culture and arts, such as White Night; the other feature is the fascinating live music show and some of the singers have become very famous in China. 

Recommended destinations: Lan Kwai Fong for fashionable & stylish people; ordinary pubs & bars around Jiuyan Bridge where visitors would feel comfortable to take alcohol, eat snacks and enjoy music; pubs & bars in Fangcao Street of Yulin, which boast live band shows; emerging pubs & bars in Lingshiguan Road are of club style, attracting fashionable young people.


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