Metro Sancha Station Will Build an Over Ground Slow Transport System
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Metro Sancha Station Will Build an Over Ground Slow Transport System

Recently, the TOD design plan for the Sancha Station on Metro Line 18 was initially formed. In addition to the existing transportation facilities, convenient facilities and upcoming sports theme parks, smart technology theme venues, and exquisite dining areas, the design plan includes the creation of an over ground slow transport system, and an over ground park.

Metro Line 18 Sancha Station is located in the Jiangxi South Agglomeration of Airport New Area. It is the CBD of the core area in Chengdu Tianfu New Area, adjacent to the Sancha Lake and Jiangxi River Ecological Zone. It is only two stations away from Tianfu International Airport and therefore it serves as a city-level station. In terms of industrial plan, the design proposes that, centering on Sancha Station, it should construct an industrial ecosystem in the area based on surrounding stations and its own resource characteristics to determine the theme and industrial functions, and jointly create a dynamic rail ecosystem with complementary functions. The area will focus on the development of headquarters economy, new economy (with digital economy and intelligent economy as the core), and the development of cross-border trade and Olympics Games venue airport service industry.



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