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Tour on the Greenway: Chengdu People's New Way to Embrace Spring

  At present, the "Tianfu Greenway"with a total planned length of nearly 17,000 kilometers has connected ecological zones, parks and wetlands scattered around Chengdu, gradually forming a full-area greening system and becoming an important part of the urban slow transportation system and the green Chengdu development. In Marchof spring, a vibrant season of red flowers and green trees emerging, the appreciation of flowers and green landscape has become a must for many citizens for recreation.

The Most Seasonal Landscape: Spring in Flower Sea

  In mid-March, the rapeseed flowers around Chongzhou are flourishing. At present, Chongzhou plans to build a third-class greenway system with a total length of 895 km and a total investment of about one billion yuan. At present, Chongzhou has invested a total of 170 million yuan to build a 134-km demonstration section of the greenway. In Baitou Town, not far from Tianfu Greenway, in addition to golden rapeseed flowers, there are new varieties of colored rapeseed flowers blooming, making the area a new favorite place for Chengdu citizens to enjoy flowers this year.

The Most Desirable Place: Spring Flowers Appreciation

  Spring is the most beautiful season forGexian Mountain. Standing on the top of the mountain, tourists can see the golden rapeseed flowers, the white plum blossoms, the pink peach blossoms, and the snow white pear blossoms. With the completion of the GexianMountain Greenway, now the public can not only enjoy the flowers and climb the mountain, but also participate in cycling, ecological fruit and vegetable picking, mountain SUV racing, etc. The 7.5-kmHuayuan Road Cycling Greenway, the 2.5-km Qifeng Health Greenway and the 4.5-km Xiyu Industrial Greenway form a 14.5-km rural leisure sports route on Gexian Mountain.


The Most Literary Experience: "Slow Life" City Experience

  In 2017, Xindu began to upgrade the 10km demonstration section along the Pihe River. The Pihe Greenway is the core axis of the Xiangcheng Greenway system in Xindu District. At present, there are seven leisure stations along the greenway. New facilities such as smart gymnasiums and smart bookstores, have taken root here to build high-quality living services for residents and tourists. In addition, cultural innovation elements help further decorate the greenway. With the theme of music creation, and relying on Sichuan Conservatory of Music, the greenway fully mines the music and cultural innovation resources, regularly organizes music salons,and provides free training, creative and performance platforms.

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Popular Places for Photos in Spring


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