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Foreign Enterprises in Chengdu - Electronic, Communication and Hardware Industries

    As foreign opening-up efforts continue to progress, Chengdu exudes an increasingly alluring charm irresistible to foreign enterprises. According to statistics shown in the Sichuan Provincial Foreign-Funded Enterprise Development Report (2018), Chengdu was the host to 2,593 enterprises included in the report, and these companies are engaged in a multitude of fields such as retail, real estate and manufacturing. The continual establishment of foreign companies in Chengdu has continued to inject new energy into the city's engine of economic development.

    The electronic information industry is anticipated as the biggest potential to become Chengdu's trillion-yuan industry. According to the Chengdu High Quality Modernized Industrial System Establishment and Reform Plan published in 2018, the electronic information industry is expected to become Chengdu's first ever trillion-yuan industrial cluster in 2020. This edition of "Foreign Enterprises in Chengdu" will introduce some of the representative foreign companies in the city's electronic, communication and hardware industries.


Intel Products (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.

    Main business: Semiconductor semi-finished products, finished products, materials, equipment and systems.

    About the company: Headquartered in the state of California, United States, Intel provides key components for the computer industry and is currently the world's biggest personal computer parts and CPU manufacturer.

    In 2003, Intel invested USD375 million for the construction of the phase one project of its Chengdu plant, which was subsequently bolstered with further investments respectively in 2005 and 2009, bringing the total investment in Chengdu to 600 million dollars. In 2014, Intel announced plans to invest another 1.6 trillion dollars in phases for a complete overhaul of the wafer pre-processing, packaging and testing business segments at its Chengdu plant, in addition to the introduction of the company's latest "high-end testing technology" to China. At present, Intel's Chengdu plant is primarily engaged in wafer pre-processing, packaging, testing and high-end testing.

    Number of Chengdu company staff enrolled in social security: 1,939 

    Add.: No.8-1 Kexin Road, Chengdu 

    Tel.: 028-87005000


Texas Instrument Semiconductor Manufacturing (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.

    Main business: Development, manufacturing and sales of semiconductors, research, manufacturing and sales of innovative digital signal processing and analog circuits, remote sensing, control, education products and digital light processing solutions. 

    About the company: Texas Instrument is a world-leading analog circuit component manufacturer and semiconductor multinational. Headquartered in the American city of Dallas, Texas, TI has set up production, design or sales entities in 25 countries around the world.

    In 2010, Texas Instrument announced its plan to establish its first wafer production plant in China in the Chengdu High-tech Zone (West), which will manufacture a myriad of the company's core technology products such as power control chips used in mobile phones and tablet computers. At the end of 2012, Texas Instrument signed a contract with Tianfu Software Park for tenantship inside Zone E of the technology park. Its R&D and sales center in Chengdu was expanded to 2,200 square meters, and TI officially formed its complete industrial chain chiefly featuring research and development, production and sales elements in Chengdu.

    Number of Chengdu company staff enrolled in social security: 1,120 

    Add.: No.8-8 and No.8-10 Kexin Road, Chengdu 

    Tel.: 028-87681188


Samsung (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Chengdu Branch

    Main business: Semiconductors, mobile phones, display monitors, laptops, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, digital cameras and IT products, among others.

    About the company: Samsung is South Korea's largest multinational corporation, and consists of industrial affiliates such as Samsung Electronics, Samsung C&T and Samsung Aerospace, with a highly diversified business portfolio in fields such as electronics, finance, machinery and chemicals. 

    The Chengdu branch of Samsung (China) Investment Co., Ltd., was founded on March 1, 2004, and is in charge of businesses in the nine provinces and one municipality in southwestern and northwestern China, including the sales of Samsung products in segments such as electronics, information technology, digital, mobile phone and home appliance.

    Number of Chengdu company staff enrolled in social security: 308 

    Add.: No.1-10, 12/F, Time Plaza, No.2 Zhongfu Road, Chengdu 

    Tel.: 028-86658855


Nokia Networks (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.

    Main business: Nokia Bell Lab, mobile phones and communication equipment.

    About the company: Headquartered in Finland, Nokia Corporation is a world-leading communication and information technology provider, as well as a Fortune Global 500 company. On April 15, 2015, Nokia formally announced its acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent S.A., and after the merger the new company surpassed Ericsson and Huawei as the largest wireless and mobile communication equipment provider in the world.

    Nokia's Global Technology R&D Center in Chengdu is dedicated to developments in sectors such as next-generation telecommunication and network system, the Internet-of-Things (IoT), big data and cloud computing, and has forged in-depth cooperation with Chengdu Tianfu New Area in fields such as data center and relevant communication basic framework, IoT trial network establishment, IoT application, terminal and equipment incubation, big data and fully fiber optics-connected technology park construction.

    Number of Chengdu company staff enrolled in social security: 433 

    Add.: No.101, 1/F, Unit 1, Blk 1, No.366 North Section of Hupan Road, Chengdu 

    Tel.: 028-85332626


Amphenol Commercial Products (Chengdu) Co. Ltd.

    Main business: Electrical devices, electronics and fiber optics connectors, coaxial and flat ribbon cables and connector systems.

    About the company: American corporation Amphenol was founded in 1932 and is one of the biggest connector manufacturers in the world. Headquartered in the state of Wisconsin, United States, the company has adopted a localization strategy in its global corporation, established more than 90 factories and over a hundred sales representative offices around the world, and employs some 30,000 staffs worldwide. The company directly provides products and implements localized services to customers in all continents. Located inside the Chengdu Die & Mould Industrial Park, Amphenol's Chengdu plant is one of the larger complexes among the company's network of more than a hundred factories, and possesses the full range of production capacity from assembly, mould injection and punching press to electroplating and mould workshop, among other functions.

    Number of Chengdu company staff enrolled in social security: 888 

    Add.: Blk D3, Chengdu Die & Mould Industrial Park, Chengdu 

    Tel.: 028-87988678


Unisem Chengdu Co., Ltd.

    Main business: Chips and integrated circuit semiconductor products packaging, testing and sales.

    About the company: Unisem Group was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. The company is known for its world-leading semiconductor packaging and testing technology, and currently Unisem operates numerous manufacturing facilities around the globe, with a total workforce number around 10,000 employees.

    Located at the Export Processing Zone of the Chengdu Hi-tech Zone (West), Unisem Chengdu is a modernized semiconductor factory invested and built by Unisem Group, and its main businesses include the packaging and testing of semiconductor, the production of products like SLP, BGA, SOIC and TSSOP.

    Number of Chengdu company staff enrolled in social security: 1,957 

    Add.: No.8-2 Kexin Road, Chengdu

    Tel.: 028-87958228


Molex Interconnect (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.

    Main business: Electronics, electrical and fiber optic connectivity solutions, switches and application tools.

    About the company: Molex Incorporated was founded in the United States in 1938, and is a leading global provider in connection system solution for the electronics industry. Molex operates 59 production manufacturing factories distributed across Asia, Europe and North America.

    Molex's Chengdu plant is mainly engaged in the production and manufacturing of electronic connector and mould.

    Number of Chengdu company staff enrolled in social security: 6,454 

    Add.: No.8-18 Kexin Road, Chengdu

    Tel.: 028-87895088

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Source Photonics (Chengdu) Co. Ltd.

    Main business: Research, development and production of various types of communication products, and sales of optical components, module products, sub-systems, PON and sub-systems, and optic module products.

    About the company: Source Photonics is a world-leading supplier of optical components. Noted for its innovative and reliable technologies with applications in communication and data connection, Source Photonics products have found widespread uses in next-generation mobile network, fixed access network, metropolitan area network, data center and other areas.

    Source Photonics' Chengdu plant is mostly focused on the research, development and manufacturing of optical components, optical modules and software.

    Number of Chengdu company staff enrolled in social security: 1,615

    Add.: Standard Factory Buildings No.2, No.4 and No.5, Chengdu Export Processing Zone, No.8 Kexin Road, Chengdu 

    Tel.: 028-87958788


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