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Chengdu Equipped with 1,462 Special Vehicles for Household Garbage Sorting

Recently, the Chengdu Urban Management Committee said that as of October 2018, there were 2,308 communities in Chengdu that carried out household garbage sorting, covering a total of 1.91 million households, with a sorting coverage rate of 31%; the use of 1,462 special vehicles has improved the situation of “mixing-up after sorting”. Among them, there are 1,213 transport vehicles for other garbage, 166 for kitchen garbage, 31 for hazardous garbage, and 52 for recyclable. In this regard, Chengdu has established a team of 4,229 full-time and part-time staff, and plans to adopt real-time monitoring of the operation information and driving trajectory of household garbage sorting transport vehicles by installing GPS, using digital urban management, and promoting vehicle networking. Chengdu is to resort to joint law enforcement, special rectification and other measures to strengthen oversight of the flow of household garbage, and to stringently root out the behaviors of “mixing-up and messed-up loading and transporting”.


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