City Flash

Chengdu Established an Infrared Monitoring Network for Wildlife

On November 26, 2018, Chengdu Environmental Protection Inspection Office stated that Chengdu has initially established an infrared monitoring network for wild animals and plants covering Sichuan Longxi-Hongkou National Nature Reserve, Sichuan Baishui River National Nature Reserve, and Sichuan Anzi River Nature Reserve (provincial level), Sichuan DayiHeishui River Nature Reserve (provincial level). By deploying the infrared monitoring network, workers can trace wild animals and plants and understand the changes in the local natural environment in a more convenient way.

As a key area for giant panda national park pilot, the Anzi River Nature Reserve has signed a framework agreement with the Conservation International (CI) for the construction of the Anzi River Co-management Protection Area project, and the two parties plan to carry out cooperation regarding protection, research, nature education, recreation and community development.



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