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2018 China Intelligent Enterprise Forum Held in Chengdu Yesterday

On November 27, 2018, the 2018 China Intelligent Enterprise Forum was hosted by the China Enterprise Confederation and the China Enterprise Directors Association in Chengdu. Held under the main theme of “establish smart enterprises for high quality development,” the forum focused on pathways for companies to engender intelligence-oriented pivots and transformations. Attendees engaged in extensive dialogues about how to establish intelligent economic forms with data-driven approach, human-machine synergy, cross-industry integration, and collaboration and sharing, how to replace old growth drivers with new ones, how to accelerate industrial transformation and upgrade, how to deepen endeavors in raising quality and improving efficiency, and how to achieve high quality development under the backdrop of new opportunities brought about by digitized, networked and intelligent development.

This edition of the forum also released the Guideline for Intelligent Enterprises (2018), which is the first formal white paper on intelligent enterprises published in China. The document presented exploratory summaries and overviews about the contents, characteristics, frameworks, operation features, establishment methods, key establishment factors and other aspects of a smart enterprise. In particular, emphasis was placed on how an enterprise as a whole could utilize systematic changes and innovations and scientific methodologies to enable the new generation of information and communication technologies and the new generation of artificial intelligence technologies to integrate extensively with the enterprise’s various key factors, various links, various businesses and various operation and management activities in order to augment the overall intelligence and market response capability of the enterprise.


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