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The First "Chengdu-Europe" World Famous Universities China Alumni Association Presidents Forum Held in Chengdu

On December 19th, 2018, the "Chengdu-Europe" World Famous Universities China Alumni Association Presidents Forum was held at the Cultural and Sports Center of Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu. Themed with "home of Chengdu and European talents: talent friendly, sharing 'Chengdu-Europe Plus'", the forum was hosted by the Chengdu Qingbaijiang District Talent Work Leading Group and the Chengdu Talent Development & Promotion Association. At the forum, leaders of the Organization Department of Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and Qingbaijiang District, President Alumni of Sichuan University, and Chengdu Alumni of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, jointly unveiled the "Chengdu-Europe" Alumni Port, marking the official establishment of this open and shared talent platform.

At the forum, the three chapters of "Sail, Dream, Bloom" showcased the blueprint of Qingbaijiang's construction of a bridgehead to Europe. More than 300 world-renowned alumni association presidents and alumni representatives gathered in Qingbaijiang, and offered their suggestions on the building of Chengdu-Europe Alumni Base.



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