5th Chengdu Creativity and Design Week Concludes
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5th Chengdu Creativity and Design Week Concludes

  On November 13, 2018, the 5th Chengdu Creativity and Design Week came to a close. With "creative Chengdu, better life" as the central theme, the 5th Chengdu Creativity and Design Week hosted the three main events of the 2018 Golden Panda Design Awards, Chengdu Creativity & Design Industry Exhibition and iF International Design Forum (IDF) Chengdu.


  A total of 4,386 pieces were submitted for the 2018 Golden Panda Design Awards, and 175 prizes were readied in the five major categories of Creative City and Urban Design, Creative Industrial Design, Creative Tourism Design, Creative Indigenous Culture Design and Creative Rural Design. Works including In-Bamboo, Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian Detector, Shelter and Ying Xian won gold prizes.


  The Chengdu Creativity and Design Industrial Exhibition was held between November 9 and 12 inside Hall 1 to Hall 4 of the Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center. Totaling 45,000 square meters in exhibition space, the event was comprised of four major thematic exhibition halls, namely the City Space, Industrial Design, Tourism and Culture Creativity, and Rural Village Arts. More than a thousand creative design organizations from over 30 countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, Israel, Canada, Japan, South Korea and Pakistan, as well as the regions of Hong Kong and Taiwan, presented more than 23,000 pieces of their creations.


  In 2018, the iF International Design Forum (IDF) Chengdu was hosted under the central themes of "Design of Tomorrow" and "Design Education for the Next Generation". Guests such as CEO of iF International Forum Design GmBH Ralph Wiegmann and Trend Specialist at trend forecasting firm WGSN Charlie Clark shared their experiences and opinions as to how one could recognize designs suitable for future products and services, illustrated actual situations of present day design education, and discussed about the quality of design education and the importance of young designer to the industry.

  Other than the trio of main events, during the course of the Chengdu Creativity and Design Week a series of other activities also took place, such as the Park City Aesthetics Summit, "thematic activity day" like the Canada Day and the Italy Day, Culture and Creativity Industries Symposium for Countries on the "Belt and Road," 5th Chengdu Creativity and Design Week Rural Village Revitalization Forum, Walking Art Works Show, Rural Village Life Creativity and Design Forum and Suzhou Qipao Runway Show.

  So, what are some of the hottest exhibits on-site at the Chengdu Creativity and Design Week? Let us take a look.


  Inside the "Belt and Road Culture and Creativity Theme Hall," Estonian piano manufacturer Estonia Piano Factory showcased a 100%-handcrafted piano.


  The "grandma's kitchen" miniature presented to audience a miniaturized world with an old-school look.


  The "cloth and brocade needle work technique," the most unique skill in Shu embroidery and the latest research achievement in the nearly extinct techniques of Shu embroidery, made its first public debut.

  Other than the exhibits mentioned above, some other interesting highlights include the clever and sophisticated key, flash drive and small tools organizer OrbitKey, exquisite wall lamp named "Yuh" presented by Danish design team Gam Fratesi, and the freely movable, modular and smart electricity socket track Xpower.

  The 5th Chengdu Creativity and Design Week has concluded, but this plethora of creative designs ought to have captured your attention, isn't that right? Let us look forward to the next Chengdu Creativity and Design Week ~


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