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Sichuan Tourists Enjoy 50% Discount in Guangxi

    Recently, at the 2018 "Winter Tour to Guangxi" and Southern China Five Cities Tourism Alliance(Chengdu) Promotion, Guangxi announced that from December 1, 2018 to January 31, 2019, self-driving tourists from 13 provinces/cities including Sichuan and Beijing will enjoy a 50% discount on the tolls for highway in Guangxi with vehicles of 7-seater or below. At the same time, visitors can enjoy a 50% discount based on the listing prices of A-level scenic spots in Guangxi with their ID cards (the above ticket discounts do not include franchise projects such as hot springs, amusement parks, cable cars, tour boats/ships), excluding national statutory holidays.

Recommended National 5A Scenic Spots in Guangxi: 

Guilin Lijiang Scenic Spot 

Guilin Duxiu Mountain-Wangcheng Scenic Spot 

Guilin Merryland Theme Park 

Guilin Two-River & Four-Lakes • Xiangshan Mountain Scenic Spot 

Nanning Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Spot


Guilin Lijiang Scenic Spot 


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