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2018 Annual Work Conference of the SWUFE Institution Took Place

On November 26, 2018, the SWUFE Institution 2018 Annual Work Conference and Guest Researcher Symposium was held inside the Southwest University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE). During the event, nearly one hundred experts, scholars, government leaders, businesspersons, think tank guest researchers and representatives from both home and abroad communicated about the SWUFE Institution in this new era and new global structure. They also discussed about the SWUFE Institution’s future developmental paths, and put forth valuable suggestions conducive to the advancement of the SWUFE Institution. The conference summarized the SWUFE Institution’s three years of efforts founded upon the academic prowess of the Southwest University of Finance and Economics, its mission of “prospering the people through the economy,” utilization of advantages in finance and economics, and feats effectively achieved in its five functions of strategic research, policy advice, human resource cultivation, public opinion guidance and public and foreign relations. The conference also further confirmed the pathway for SWUFE Institution’s future developmental objective of becoming a high-end, professional and general think tank that is well-known internationally, top notch domestically and leading in western China.

Conceived in November 2015, the SWUFE Institution is a non-profit research and consultation agency of the Southwest University of Finance and Economics that is primarily engaged in the study of strategic issues and public policies and aims to serve the Party’s and the government’s financial and economic decision-making process.


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