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Western China Financial Center 30 Forum Took Place in Chengdu

    On October 27, 2018, the Tianfu Financial Forum - Culture and Financial Summit and the Western China Financial Center 30 Forum took place in Chengdu. Surrounding the core theme of "Construction of the Financial Center of Western China and Cultural and Finance Development in a Global Perspective," a crowd of more than 300, comprised of those from famed international financial institutions, domestic and foreign cultural industry luminaries, and accomplished scholars from both home and abroad, gathered in Qingyang District to hold dialogues about new explorations in the "construction of the financial center of western China and cultural and finance development". 

    The Western China Financial Center 30 think tank is a non-profitable, society-based financial academic research organization and financial think tank that endeavors to serve the creation of the financial center of western China. In the future, the establishment will assemble representative figures from famous education institutions, research institutes, academic bodies and other entities engaged in financial studies. The forum is based in western China, researches about western China and serves western China, and as a part of the endeavor to build western China's financial center, it will play a positive and influential role in Chengdu in aspects like recruitment of human resources and propelling industry growth.  

On-site at the event, the collective contract-signing competition for major Qingyang District projects of the 2018 Chengdu Investment Promotion "100 Days Competition" (2nd Season) was hosted. A total of 13 projects involving 12 enterprises and earmarked for approximately RMB13 billion in investment were signed in-situ. 



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