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Sichuan Released the Second Annual Red Leaf Viewing Index

    Recently, Sichuan has gradually ushered in the red leaf viewing season, especially in the northern part of Sichuan Province, which will welcome the best viewing period at the end of October. On October 24, the Sichuan Provincial Forestry Department released the second annual red leaf viewing index. From October 24 to the end of the month, the best red leaf viewing areas on the land of Sichuan includethe Dagu Ice Mountain Scenic Area of Heishui County, Yakexia National Forest Park, Bipeng Valley Scenic Spot of Li County, Mengtun Valley Scenic Area, Guangwushan Taoyuan Scenic Spot of Nanjiang County, Micangshan National Forest Park Dam Scenic Area, Micangshan National Forest Park Eighteen Moon Lake Scenic Area, Songping Valley Scenic Spot of Mao County, Zengjia Mountain Scenic Area, Chaotian District, Guangyuan City, Tangjiahe National Nature Reserve of Qingchuan County, Gucheng Mountain–Qilixia Tourist Area of Wangcang County, Pinggou Luoquan Rock Red Leaf Mountain, Zhankou Village, Huya Township, Pingwu County, Baima Wanglang Scenic Area, Laba River Scenic Area of Tianquan County, and Hailuogou National Forest Park of Luding County.



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