City Flash

Investment Promotion on Chengdu Characteristic Town and Linpan Hosted in Beijing

    On October 24, 2018, the Investment Promotion on Chengdu Characteristic Town and Linpan was hosted in Beijing under the central theme of "Tianfu Town, Investment Hotspot". Contracts for ten projects amounting to roughly RMB 14.6 billion were signed at the event, and in addition, 131 Chengdu unique town and western Sichuan Linpan projects seeking a total of RMB 512.5 billion in investment were unveiled. This promo event aimed to introduce projects related to Chengdu unique town construction and western Sichuan Linpan settlement, set up a platform to facilitate cooperation between the government and enterprises, and encourage more private capital in effectively partaking in the construction of Chengdu unique towns and Linpan settlements. A total of more than 200 guests comprised of investor representatives hailing from cities like Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian and Nanjing, persons in charge of well-known companies and commerce chambers in relevant sectors and a large number of media attended the event.




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