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Yema Auto's Chengdu Plant Basically Finished its Technical Upgrade and Renovation

    In recent days, the Chengdu plant of Yema Auto basically completed its technical upgrade and renovation, and is expected to begin trial production in November 2018, with mass production slated for December. Equipment and technology on the welding and installation production line at the Yema Auto Chengdu plant received a round of improvements, while the press molding, painting and general assembly lines also underwent a thorough overhaul. For instance, eight sets of robots have been added to the painting workshop, and the SPS distribution and allocation model will be adopted inside the general assembly workshop. In the future, the Chengdu plant of Yema Auto will also employ a mixed assembly line production model, which is anticipated to reach an hourly production capacity of 15 vehicles and an annual output of 30,000 cars.



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