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2018 International Architecture and Planning Design Competition Commenced

    On October 16, 2018, the 2018 International Architecture and Planning Design Competition began, and more than 80 participating students from 11 institutions of higher education convened in Dujiangyan as they prepared to jointly discuss about the theme of "protection and renewal of traditional human settlement environment in Linpan of western Sichuan". Divided into eight groups, the contestants will carry out on-site research and investigation at Juyuan Town of Dujiangyan, visit traditional Sichuan villages at locations such as Taoping Qiang ethnic mountain village and Shuimo Ancient Town, then complete their planning design for the competition. Their works will be reviewed and evaluated by experts and function as new inspirations and international creativity conducive to the construction of Linpan in western Sichuan.

    The said competition began to be hosted in various institutions of higher education across the globe starting in 2010, and at present it has already been held in a multitude of Asian countries such as China, Japan and Thailand. This edition of the contest was sponsored by the College of Architecture and Urban-Rural Planning of Sichuan Agricultural University, and also the first time this international contest took place in Chengdu. 



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