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2018 National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week

    Yesterday is the last day of the 2018 National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week.


    According to published statistics, in the first half of 2018, Chengdu added 5,547 new-economy enterprises. A total of 57,880 applications for patents were lodged, an increase of 56.39%. A total of 23,344 applications were filed for patents of inventions, an increase of 63.15%. The number of effective patents of inventions for every 10 thousand people reached 20.8, an increase of 18%.


    Spectacular, cutting-edge and eye-opening black technologies have become the brightest highlight at the Chengdu main venue of the 2018 National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week.

    How bright are them?

    Follow me to take a glimpse.


    It Is Safe to Plug in Water!

    "Look, we plugged the lamp plug into the electrified socket under water. The light went on. There was no sparkle, no short circuit, and no electric shock."

    This "world-first 'water-resistant' socket" was researched and developed by a local company led by Zhou Gang, a local young man born in the 1980s.


    The insulated electrical technology solved the conflict between the two ports of electrical appliances: if they are connected to the power supply, they are not insulated; whereas if they are insulated, they are not electrified. This technology has solved the global security problems such as "electric leakage, short circuit and electric arc" etc. that cannot be solved by traditional electrical connection technology, made it possible for electricity and water to be compatible and prevented electrical sparkle in electrical connection. In the future, this technology might be applied in areas including engineering machinery, iron and steel smelting, petro chemical industry and building industry, etc.

    The UAV Capable of Vertical Take-off and Landing, Designed for A Multitude of Loads and Equipped with Strong Processing Ability

    At the scene of the event, a silver-white UAV was quite eye-catching. I learned that it is a high-performance and pure electrically-powered UAV platform that takes off and lands vertically and flies horizontally. By integrating the characteristic advantages of fixed wings and multiple rotors, the UAV can take off rapidly on a narrow space without run ways. At the same time, it has features including long standby time, long flying distance and fast speed.


    WangXin, the person in charge of the exhibition area of AOSSCI, expressed thankfulness to the aviation industrial foundation, innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere and policy support in Chengdu, which have enabled the company to enjoy a sound development. "Many of our R&D staff had settled down in Beijing. Later, they were attracted by the work and living environment of Chengdu and resettled here."

    Automatic Vending Robots Put into Service in Some Major Supermarkets in Chengdu

    The robot is approximately 1.2 meters tall and mostly in white. At the top there is a monitor, with various sensors in parts of the body.

    Its main function is to pro-actively seek target customers in complex environment and approach them for their demands. They can also conduct product marketing and sales. After the customers choose their favored products, the robot can find out the products and bring them to the customers.


    Huang Shan of Chengdu EVENTEC Co., Ltd. introduced that FANBOT is an independently researched and developed mobile retail robot targeting the retail industry. It was developed in the light of the most recent market trend and is called a "walking automatic vending machine". This intelligent robot has solved some current pain spots and provided a brand-new channel for the retail industry . It has also increased the dimensions of the new channel retail and contributed to better all-round exchanges and interactions with consumers.

    What is on display in the exhibition area is only a miniature of the innovation and entrepreneurship in Chengdu.

    As a trendsetter, which one of the black technologies is your favorite?



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