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How to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship?

1. Time and Method of Application

  The application time is generally from the beginning of January to the end of April. The specific time and method of each country are decided through consultation between the Chinese Embassy and the related dispatching department, so you can refer to the dispatching department of your country or the Chinese Embassy.

2. The application for scholarship

  You should conform to the basic conditions regulated by The Application Method, carefully fill in the application form as required, as well as submit your educational background, transcript, study plan, health certificate, recommendation letter and other relevant application materials. These materials should be directly sent or delivered to China Scholarship Council by your embassy in China or Chinese Embassy in your country within the required time. Late application will not be accepted. The materials you submit will not be returned whether you are enrolled or not. The original copy of your important materials such as your graduation certificate and Physical Examination Record for Foreigner should be preserved by yourself.

3. The choice of collage/ school and major

  Currently 208 colleges and universities accept international students with Chinese Government Scholarship. If you want to study in China and apply for the scholarship, you need to choose your college/ school and major from these 208 colleges and schools. (see details

4. Language

  The teaching language is generally Chinese. If you do not understand Chinese, you need to learn it for one to two years before you come to the professional learning. Only a few courses in some universities can be taught in English.


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