New Tourist Attractions in Chengdu

By Cheer |  release time:June 13th,2018

I recently went to Chongqing and wandered on the streets, where I found many new tourist attractions, such as "Guangdao Garden" and "No.2 Eling Factory" in this "City of Fog". Each spot enjoys popularity and attracts numerous visitors.

When returned to Chengdu, I had a thought: why not writing something about the new tourist attractions in Chengdu. Therefore, this travel guide is here for you.

As for the latest tourist attractions, if you can only think of Taikoo Li, Eastern Suburb Memory, Lan Kwai Fong… I have to say: Excuse Me? I am afraid that you may be an ancient.

Where to find the destinations? Just read it below:

Yuanyang Building

In an old courtyard located at No.18, Hongwasi Street, Chengdu, the Yuanyang Building, a new tourist attraction is hidden. The whole building is connected by two stairways standing opposite to each other. Buildings stand very close, but are not "touched" by each other, just like a "suffering couple", thus being called "Yuanyang (meaning 'couple') Building".

Each floor of the building bears the shadows of old Chengdu, and the mottled walls record the trace of time, generating a feeling like "time-travel". Therefore, the local photographers said that this place really looks like the "corridors in old Hong Kong films".

Address: No.18, Hongwasi Street, Chengdu



Baiyao Factory

Baiyao Factory used to be the site of the Chengdu Ordnance Factory, while now it has "several roles": the only industrial building complex of the late Qing Dynasty in Chengdu, and also the first choice for trendsetters to pose and take photos.

Stylish and creative shops in this Chinese-western creative park are waiting for you.

Address: No.26, Gaopan Road, Chengdu City


Top3 Shops

Slow Creation


Yonglian Pottery Workshop




Tianfu Park

When Tianfu Park was opened in late 2017, an online photo taken from the park's colorful floral trails instantly went viral on WeChat among Chengdu people, which renders the park a "celebrity status".

Whatever the season is, the park is a great "photo spot". In the spring, you can roam about in a sea of hundreds of kelp flowers. In the summer you can stroll along scenic trails decorated with crape myrtles, blue jacarandas, and sages. In the autumn, thousands of hibiscus flowers bloom all around, and in the winter the magnificent views of wintersweet and red plum flowers are available under the warmth of the sun.

Transportation: Take Metro Line 1 to Tianfu Park Stop, and then walk 600 meters.


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