The 60 demonstrative tour sites themed as "Chengdu Trend"

By Carmen |  release time:May 26th,2018

As a "middle-aged" post-90s, I will not quit my pursuit of trend. Even though I always carry around a thermal mug filled with warm medlar water, I am determined to take a walk around trendy Chengdu and find trendy sites for my beloved readers.

Whether you have heard about the 60 demonstrative tour sites themed as "Chengdu Trend" in Chengdu or not, you and I can go together and find out how trendy they are!


Trendy Village: Daoming Bamboo Arts Village in Chongzhou

The most attractive part of this village is a building called Zhu Li, or in the Bamboos. Seen from the sky, it shapes like the symbol "∞" (unlimited). Walking into Zhu Li, You can appreciate the bamboo landscape, tea, and the local people's bamboo artworks.

Daoming Bamboo village incorporates temples, delicacies, cultural inns, luxury hotels, and bamboo arts workshops. Spend one weekend here, and you can collect numerous "likes" in your WeChat Moment.

Address: Chongqing Road, Chongzhou, Chengdu



Trendy Yard: Tianfu Red Valley, Qionglai

In traditional Chinese stories, there is always a yard involved. After all, a peaceful yard  symbolizes a family of prosperity in Chinese tradition. In Gaohe Town, Qionglai, a place of only one hour drive from Chengdu, there is a fine traditional residential demonstrative site, Tianfu Red Valley, which was constructed using the wood of former Western Sichuan rural houses and a deserted dormitory of a former paper factory. The site brings my dreamed Chinese yard to reality. The artwork skills, traditional culture and beautiful nature integrate perfectly in this small valley of slow pace.

It is on my to-do list already. My yard dream never dies, I guess.

Address: No.1 Gengdu Road, Jingkou Village, Gaohe Town, Qionglai, Chengdu



Trendy Wood House: Antiman Lotus Lake of Dujiangyan

My girly tender heart was further softened when I heard about these small wood houses hidden in Dujiangyan.

In this Antiman International Resort of delicacies and recreations, in addition to the wood houses, there are entertainment programs like sliding over trees, rock climbing, downhill dropping, horse riding, archery, etc. This "sports + recreation" model =exactly matches the healthcare style for us as post-90s' stepping to our middle age.

Address: No.3 Dianye Lane, Ailian Community, Xiang'e Town, Dujiangyan, Chengdu


There are more highlights of themed demonstrative tour sites. You can enjoy them one by one throughout the year. Just like you, I'm eager to see the final list.


On May 17, 2018, "New Tourism & Trendy Chengdu: 2018 China Tourism Day First Batch of Greenway Routes Experience" kicked off. Hundreds of citizens were organized to experience, appreciate and ride on the greenways. To be a trend leader in Chengdu, you need to be acquainted with the four typical Tianfu greenway routes as follow:

Parent-child experience: Wanchun Greenway in Wenjiang District, Chengdu - Chengdu Floraland Amusement Park - Chen's Grand Yard in Shou'an - Chengdu Miaoxi Tent Resort Hotel

Rural landscape tour: Kaimu River Wetland Park - Daoming Bamboo Artwork Village - Yuantong Ancient Town - Anren Ancient Town - Liu’s Manor Museum - Jianchuan Museum

Sichuan ancient town experience: Xingguang Green Path in Longquanyi District, Chengdu - Luodai Ancient Town - Peach Flower Village - Wufengxi Ancient Town

Healthcare & sports tour: Jinxiu Huayuan Greenway, Pengzhou - Gexian Mountain, Pengzhou - Bailu Town, Pengzhou - Baoshan Mountain Scenic Site, Chengdu

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