Let's Go Camping and Stargazing!

By Cheer |  release time:May 30th,2018

As early summer approaches, temperature in Chengdu begins to rise steadily, and the soul of Chengduese starts to stir up.

What to do with the leisure time? How about camping?

Camping and stargazing, what a refreshing summer picture! 


For the campsites around Chengdu, let's see what Zev, an American senior hiker, recommends.




Reason for recommendation:

"The designated campsites are large and relatively flat along the way, which are the pastures and homes of yak herders. At night, the smell of fresh piles of horse and cow manure is blown away by the crisp air, and you can fall asleep to the dinging of horse bells."

Reminder from Zev

The Muli-Yading thru-hike is considered the "classic" Rock trek that adventure junkies challenge themselves with. It's a grueling 4-6 day hike, starting at an altitude of 2,300m in dense and lush forest, which grows along with rivers of glacial waters up to barren ridges of snow-capped mountains, crossing over half a dozen 4,400-4,700m high mountain passes, and ending at the three divine mountains of the Yading scenic area. Rain, snow, heavy fog, altitude sickness, and burning sunlight are all to be expected. While strong legs certainly help, the most important trait to have is a strong will.

Starry sky, photographed by Zev




If you think Zev's recommendation is too grueling, hold on! There are some relaxing suburb options for your campsite selection—


Xiaoyu Cave

Panlong Valley, the waterfall group near Chengdu, is located in Xiaoyu Cave. Here, the mountains and greenery create a quiet environment. An international camping park—Xiaoyu Cave International Camping Park is hidden here. Amid the deep forest, you can find RV camping and cabin accommodation... It's quite like a Scandinavian fairy tale world.


Address: Xiaoyu Cave, Xiaoyu Cave Town, Pengzhou City

Depart from Chengdu: About 2 hours by car


Longwozi is a beautiful place with mountains and rivers, and full of fun in the wilderness. It is a good place for camping among the suburbs. If you're lucky, you can enjoy the romantic scene of a night with fireflies blinking all over the sky.

Address: Qinglong Village, Heming Township, Dayi County, Chengdu

Depart from Chengdu: About 2 hours by car



Dutong Rock

Dutong Rock is a picturesque natural campsite located in Daping Village of Chongzhou, and is nicknamed  "Chengdu's mini Danba". The General's Tomb viewing platform is about 1,448 meters above sea level. After reaching the summit, you can have a panoramic view of the Chengdu Plain.

Address: Daping Village, Wen Jingjiang Township, Chongzhou

Depart from Chengdu: About 2 hours by car


Camping Tips

Do not set up a camp in the middle of a ravine or in a low-lying position;

Prepare self-defense and fire prevention tools;

Pay attention to drinking water safety, and bring your own mineral water;

Care for the environment, please take away the garbage.

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