Jiuzhai Valley is Back!

By Cheer |  release time:March 7th,2018

After 7 months of closing, Jiuzhai Valley is coming back! It is the first time Jiuzhai Valley open to the public after the 7.0 Richter-magnitude earthquake on August 8th, 2017.

The opened scenic spots include the landscape along Goukou to Changhai Lake. Visitors will go to the spots in groups by bus led by guides. Only tour groups organized by travel agencies are allowed to enter.

Theses 5 senic spots below are opened for walking tours:


Changhai Lake


Five-Color City


Nuorilang Waterfall


Shuzheng Lakes 


Double-Dragon Lake

Also to be noticed, the ticket price is the same in both low and peak seasons. Ticket price during the whole year is RMB 110 / person, and the price of sightseeing car is RMB 90 / person.

After the recovery, Jiuzhai Valley is a paradise still!

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