Strawberries Picking

release time:February 12th,2018

  With the advent of February, "Lichun", the beginning of spring, is beckoning for us. As early as the Qin Dynasty, Lichun has signified the beginning of spring in Chinese culture. As an old saying goes, "the whole year's work depends on a good start in spring". For Chinese, spring spells more than just a season when very thing in nature comes to life. More often, it symbols the starting of a promising new year. As February approaches, winter comes to an end and cold wind no longer reigns supreme. It's the high time to embark on a trip to handpick and feast on fresh fruits. Now, follow us to get the hang of fruit-picking travel tips and start a new year from sweet tastes.

 Strawberries Picking

  Chengdu Xinyue Strawberry Garden

  Chengdu Xinyue Strawberry Garden is renowned for its cultivating technologies such as milk trickle irrigation and bee pollination. And it is also the plant base of a number of rare strawberry varieties, for example red-flowered strawberry, white strawberry and vine strawberry. 

  Address: alongside Xinchengpu Road at the boundary region between Pengzhen town and Jinqiao county, Chengdu 

  Self-drive route: drive along Chengdu-Xinjin-Pujiang Fast Channel, pass the intersection at Jinqiao county and arrive at the destination after a 200-meter-drive.

  Shuangliu Hejiang Xinglong Strawberry Base 

  Hejiang Town has enjoyed a long-standing reputation as "Home of China's Overwinter Strawberry". Covering a planting area of 4.66 square kilometers, Xinglong Strawberry Base boasts of plump, sweet strawberries with lemon, rose and other unique tastes. 

  Address: Xinglong Town and Hejiang Town, Shuangliu District, Chengdu 

  Self-drive route: Tianfu Avenue - Chengren Road - Dongshan High-speed Road - Hejiang Town

  Shuangliu Pengzhen Yilong Strawberry Exposition Park

 This strawberry exposition park is the home to more than 100 strawberry varieties. Its overwinter strawberry owns an exclusive "mansion" built by the park owner to ensure clean water and fresh air. 

  Address: No. 138, Group 5, Changcun Village, Pengzhen Town, Shuangliu District, Chengdu 

  Self-drive route: Caojin Flyover - Yongkang Road - Chengdu-Xinjin-Pujiang Fast Track

  Qingbaijiang Yaodu Strawberry Base 

  For years, Qingbaijiang District has been known as a production base of organic strawberry. Strawberries here are rich in sweetness and have long maturity and picking period. 

  Address: Yaodu Town, Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu 

  Self-drive route: Qingbaijiang exit of Chengdu-Mianyang Expressway - Huajin Avenue - Qingquan Avenue - Yaodu Town - Yaori Section of Longzhao Road

  Tips on Picking Strawberries

  Appearance: avoid those very big, uniquely shaped ones; never miss these high-quality ones with bright green leaves at their top, fine tomenta and sleek gloss. 

  Color: pick ones that have bright red color evenly across the skin; 

  Aroma: naturally ripe strawberries give off a strong fruit fragrance.

  Reference Price: 20-40 RMB / half kg


Citrus Oranges Picking

  Baimiao Village, Jinfeng Village and Jinhe Village in Jintang County 

  Jintang's navel oranges boast of high quality with plump shape, thin skin, and sweet juice. Baimiao Village, Jinfeng Village and Jinhe Village are picking places. Among them, the annual output of navel oranges of Baimiao Village at Sanxi Town can hit 6,000 tons.

  Address: Sanxi Town, Jintang County, Chengdu

  Self-drive route: Chengdu - Chengdu-Nanchong Expressway - Baiguo Town - Huaikou Town - Sanxi Town

  Changqiu village in Pujiang County

  As one of China's major citrus orange production bases, Pujiang County is famous for diverse citrus orange varieties, in particular ugli orange and navel orange. What's more, taking your handpicked citrus oranges, you can also go on a happy excursion to Stone Elephant Lake along the way. 

  Address: Shima Village, Changqiu Township, Pujiang County, Chengdu 

  Self-drive route: Chengdu - Beijing-Kunming Expressway - South Section of Limin Road - Shoumei Road

  Reference Price: 4-6 RMB / half kg


Persimmons Picking

  Suyang Village, Guangyuan City

  China has nearly one thousand years history of planting persimmons. As persimmon is a typical seasonal fruit, it is quite hard to find persimmon picking gardens for tourists. Yet, when you drive four hours to Guangyuan urban area and arrive at Suyang Village, you will find this village indeed is worth a visit. At this village, there are over 100 persimmon trees. Here, tourists can not only pick persimmons, but also get the experience of making persimmon cakes together with locals.

  Address: Suyang Village, Qiaolou Township, Qingchuan County, Guangyuan

  Self-drive route: Chengdu-Mianyang Expressway - Guangyuan - drive toward Qingchuan County

  Reference Price: 2-5 RMB / half kg


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