Get a Full Glimpse of Chengdu's Circle of Friends, almost 200 Pieces of International Twin Cities Exhibits on Display

By Cheer Chan |  release time:January 3rd,2018

  Themed on "A Close Friend From Afar Brings a Distant Land Near”, the Chengdu International Sister City Exchange Exhibition recently opened at the Chengdu Museum. Almost 200 pieces of foreign affairs exhibits have been put on display, all of which manifest the history of interaction and friendships between Chengdu and its circle of sister cities around the globe.

  Head to Chengdu Museum when time permits, as the exhibition will continue until March 11, 2018.


  The exhibits hail from 56 nations on five continents, and not only are the contents diverse and meaningful, they are just as aesthetically appealing as well, incorporating both "external" and "internal" beauty.

  Some of the items on display include unique tulip seats fabricated in the Netherlands, exquisite tin-made olive trees from Sousse of Tunisia, intricate traditional drums from Kimchon of South Korea, rustic waka bowls from indigenous New Zealanders and mystical dream catchers from Canada.


  This exhibition is jointly sponsored by the Chengdu Municipal People's Government Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the Chengdu Culture, Radio and TV, Press and Publication Bureau. Before the commencement of the exhibition, the sponsors even hosted a public request for pictures of citizens taken at these "international twin cities," which are now posted on a special photography wall.



  Chengdu now possesses 34 international sister cities and has formed friendly cooperative relations with 51 cities. Chengdu is engaged in an array of extensive collaborations with this circle of friends in multiple areas such as economy, science, technology, culture and education.


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