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release time:November 2nd,2017

  Now again it's the season for "shaking to get rid of chills"

  I heard that the surrounding scenic spots of Chengdu welcomed the first snow of the season two days ago. The heavy snow has piled up in Mount Siguniang, Hailuogou and Xiling Snow Mountain, where people can play snowballs and make snowmen. In such a cold winter without heat supply, I can only propose a hot spring trip together. It’s awesome to soak in steaming waters in winter while you see the snow mountains afar.

  99-Li Hot Spring Waterfall of Mt. Luoji

  Luoji99-li is the core scenic sight of Mount Luoji, which consists of the world's largest hot spring waterfall, Luoji's First Peak, Luoji's First Sea and other landscape. The hot springs here belongs to the rarely seen radon hot springs in the world. Luoji99-Li is dotted by 99 breathtaking views across its touring route. The regular 40℃ hot spring waters gush down from the mid-mountain cliffs. Among the waterfalls there is a dropping of 50 meters from the highest. It’s like spring all the year round with an average annual temperature of 17℃, without severe heat or cold in summer or winter. I’m very eager to get a glimpse of it and soak in this rare hot spring.


  Mt.Luofu Hot Spring in Mianyang

  Mount Luofu hot springs are half way up the mountain. Characterized by karst landform, the mountain is veiledin clouds and mists all the year round. You can pretend to be a fairy and cultivate yourself in the mountain. How interesting! With abundant reserve and good quality, the spring waters come from 1,500-2,000 meters below wells. The water outlet temperature is 45.5℃. It’s really enjoyable to soak in open-air hot springs and have mental relaxation with beautiful sky view.


  Huashuiwan Hot Springs

  When it comes to Huashuiwan hot springs, many locals should have heard about its reputation. These hot springs formed during the land and sea geological changes in Sichuan Basin in remote antiquity. After monitoring and analyzing by the National Geological Mineral Department, such springs belong to composite hot springs due to components from hydrogen sulfide and sodium chloride. As a result, the colors of waters change from colorlessness to light green, green, dark green, gray green, yellow and cream white. The water outlet temperature reaches as high as 68℃.Known as medicinal hot springs with high mineralization, it’s effective for warming the body and good for those who suffer from cold legs. 


  Mt.Emei Hot Springs

  The waters in Mount Emei, the rare radon-containing hot springs, come from over 3,000 meters underground with great amount and good quality. The temperature of the waters exploited is up to 60℃. In Mount Emei scenic spot, three recreational areas of radon hot springs –Lingxiu Hot Spring, Hongzhu Hot Spring and Yoga Hot Spring have been successfully completed with distinctive features. Please note that don't soak in hot springs for too long, or that you will end up like a sponge bob.


  Mt.ZhougongHot Springs in Ya'an

  Mount Zhougong hot springs, known as the first springs of Shu Mountains, are pulled from over 3,400 meters underground with great amount and good quality. The well outlet temperature is up to 79℃. Detected by the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, the hot springs here are the ancient water of 30,000 years ago. It is really amazing, isn't it?


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