Wow, the best leaves-viewing ever!

release time:October 30th,2017

  The winter of 2017 arrives a bit earlier than usual, and the gingko trees around Chengdu are expected to turn golden yellow pretty soon, which will give rise to a new round of photograph competition. And We has picked the best spots for you ~

Scenic areas - golden yellow leaves

  Thatched Cottage of Du Fu

  The Thatched Cottage of Du Fu, former residence of a famous poet named as Du Fu, is situated next to Huanhua Creek in the west of Chengdu. There is no doubt about the artistic and cultural heritage here.


  Jinsha Site Museum

  Gone are the days of scorching heat, followed by golden yellow autumn. 


  Baiyan Temple

  Here is the legendary and millennia-old "nine children gingko (Jiuzi Yinxing)," which means that one gingko tree turned into nine gingko trees.

  ADD: Jinxing Town, Dayi County, Chengdu


  Hejiang Pavilion

  The two rows of gingko next to Hejiang Pavilion are truly a sight to behold in autumn. Enjoy the silence as you two watch the golden leaves hand-in-hand. Also a golden opportunity to say something sweet!


  People's Park

  Other than tea houses and matchmakers making matches for their children, there are also plenty of gingkoes to see.


Universities- golden yellow leaves

  Huaxi Campus of Sichuan University 

  The golden gingko leaves and the classical architecture of Huaxi Campus complement each other. Just snap away and you are guaranteed to win the photography contest!


  Xipu Campus of Southwest Jiaotong University

  Appreciating autumn leaves at this campus famous for its architecture is like walking amidst a painting.


  Shahe Campus of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China 

  Speaking of gingko, how could anyone forget UESTC? Surely, you must have heard of the saying "inside the gingko forest is UESTC".


  Shuangliu Campus of Southwest Minzu University 

  This campus of Southwest Minzu University is filled with gingko everywhere! During autumn, the whole campus is blanketed by gingko leaves. If only HC could go to school here!


  I wonder which of these beautiful places is your favorite? Or maybe you have some other tricks up your sleeve? Truth be told, we will have an event next month, so come on share with us the most beautiful site to appreciate gingko. If get adopted, let us go to "gingko boulevard" together, hand-in-hand of course...

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